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Oprah disses Palin, so Florida GOP women boycott Oprah

Sarah_palin_2The Florida Federation of Republican Women, miffed that Oprah Winfrey refuses to invite Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on her show, will be boycotting the show and cancelling their subscriptions to Oprah's "O" magazine, the group announced today.

"Women in Florida helped build Oprah into the icon she is today,'' said Linda Ivell, president of the federation. "With our Republican sisters across the nation, we have collectively enjoyed her entertaining, informative and female-driven programming as we raised our families and became more empowered as women. We are deeply disappointed in Ms. Winfrey's decision to sit out the greatest political moment in the history of women since suffrage."

She said Winfrey's decision is "an abuse of her power –gained on the backs of our patronage of her advertising empire."

Obama_and_oprah_in_scWinfrey is an active supporter of Democrat Barack Obama and hosted several events on his behalf in key primary states. She has also hosted a fundraiser in her home and has drawn many new volunteers to the campaign. But she said in a statement: "At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates."

Winfrey had invited Obama on her show twice before he announced his decision to run for president -- in January 2005 and in the fall of 2006 shortly before he announced his candidacy. She never invited Hillary Clinton during the primaries and she said Friday she would "love" to have Palin on her show, but only after the Nov. 4 election.

Photo credits: Bloomberg and NYT


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Give me a break. It is Oprah's show, she can have anybody she wants to have on there. The woman is not doing interviews anyway so what difference does it make. Plus Oprah is a billionaire, she could have her show cancelled tomorrow and still wouldn't be hurting for money.


Oprah's afraid to give Sarah Palin an interview because it would give her the kind of exposure she keeps lending to Obama. This would cause her man to lose even more of his exposure. Racisism, which she has advicated against has now revealed its ugly head in her eyes. I have no use for Oprah anymore. She can shove those books up her, you get the picture.



Oprah is a billionaire. I think the reality is, she has no use for you anymore. Stop watching the show,change the channel. She will be fine. Sarah Palin is not giving interviews anyway so what is the big deal.


I for one am fed up with the likes of Oprah. I am a long time fan or should I say "former" fan. Listen up...she knew a LONG time ago Barack would be running for president. My guess...she saw to it that it happened. This is why she had him on the show 2x. This was one of the main purposes for the exposure. Then, she closes the door to political candidates. She "washes her hands clean" of the experience. Who does this remind you of?
The woman is a biased, self serving, arrogant, ego maniac. No need to watch anymore...no need to buy that rag mag. dedicated to self grandizement. Also, avoid her advertiser's products and services. Some of them include: Dove, Chase, Visa, Wachovia, Frontline, Murad, Playtex, and Bali. Save money...shop around. Oprah is for Oprah. She does not have any concerns about the community or her fan base. It is high time her community and fan base sees this. Use your Oprah time to do something more constructive. Spend that first hour writing a sponsor our two to tell them about how your feel. After that, spend an hour on the treadmill. For those so inclinded or on the fence, VOTE MCCAIN/PALIN. That will put Oprah in a diabetic coma and end the show for sure.


Oprah is hiding behind a technicality to avoid giving equal time to Sarah Palin, as she gave to Barack Obama. She can back whoever she wants, but equal air time is only fair.


What do you call it when a well qualified woman is passed over for a job in favor of a far less qualified man?

The DNC Convention in Denver.


OPRAH ... from spending several years in Jeremiah Wright's anti-American racist church, listening to sermons like "God Damn America", and giving life time achievement awards to the likes of Louis Farrakhan ... to her newest opportunistic religious beliefs ... who could possibly take Oprah seriously? This woman's ego is soooo big, being a billionaire celebrity isn't enough, she has to start her own religion ... not to mention all the additional money she is going to make selling all those book, tapes, CD's, etc. to her poor followers. Oprah's new power hungry ambitions include efforts to replace traditional America with Obama ... and access to a President she puts into office ... to her efforts at replacing Christianity with a new religion she controls. I think it's time for America to deny Oprah access to our television sets.


Oprah: Can't have what Palin has in a million years: Family, good looks, respect of friends, community and loved ones, children, grandchildren, skills....
Money is important and we all need to do our best. But at what expense? My guess is that Oprah is one miserable human being who is constantly watching her back. I honestly hopes she retires, gets some therapy and gives back to her community here in this country.

Oprah's ratings are falling:
January 14-20
RANK PROGRAMS ORIG Persons Live+SD (000)

August 18-24
RANK PROGRAMS ORIG Persons Live+SD (000)

Here are some of the sponsors:
Lowes, Chase, Visa, Wachovia, Frontline, Murad, Clinique, Philosophy, Pella, Pfizer, Bali, Disney/Universal and Target.

Spit out the Kool Aid folks...you'll feel better. Face reality, turn Oprah off and tune her out. Take action.
Spend your former Oprah time writing some of these sponsors. Then spend it helping your kids, family, community or getting in some exericse. You will be much happier, healthier and thinner spending your time doing something else!

Jorge Rey

The only thing noteworthy about the vitriol being spewed against Oprah is the amount of typos in her hate mail which speaks to the intelligence of the supporters of Sarah Palin. Do yourselves a favor and stop living in denial that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. Being an 18 month term governor and a hockey mom does not a vice president make. For every one of you who tunes Oprah out, another will tune in. Good luck with your inevitable failure of a boycott. If you think you can beat Oprah, I have a few cowboys in the meat industry in Texas who will tell you otherwise.

Oprah who?

Democrats are the party of unity, tolerance and freedom of speech
The Democratic party has changed. I dont see any evidence of Obama and his "very questionable associations" being the right change for this country. I do believe in change.....I am changing my vote!!

Thank you Oprah for again inspiring me to do the right thing!

Go Palin and McCain. You have proved to be the right choice.

Oprah=no character

Yes Oprah has the right to do what she wants, but I thought we lived in a Country where we treated people with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion or in this case, political party. Oprah's decision is disappointing and shows a real lack of character.


Obama and Oprah are doing what is best for THEM not YOU.




Ha! I bet Oprah is worried to death....

Not the Point

Worried or not....not the point people

As the person stated above which I agree with:

"I thought we lived in a Country where we treated people with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion or in this case, political party."

Wake up people

Yes...Oprah is successful and wealthy AND that makes it okay that she completely rebuffs the opinion and/or wishes of many women in her audience who would like to see Sarah Palin on her show. Amazing! What does her success have anything to do with doing the right thing?

Obama and Oprah deserve each other.


"people people get a grip " what world are you living in !
oprah said after the election she is invited to come on , and anyway why are you targeting oprah there are so many talk show host on the air why her ? makes you wonder "
isnt she allowed to endorse who she wants , what if she endorsed mcain you guys would had no problem and you know it "
and in case you dont know , she is not a political figure duh! you guys made her one because she endorsed barack so what its her choice "
and anyway why must she go on oprah at all , its just them bully tatics to try to enslave her with your threats and folks sorry to bust your bubble but she is a billionair "
and own her own company

Debby Quigley

CLICK... thats my remote channing off of Oprah.. hmmm Obama twice before he runs, but no Palin, I first started to watch Oprah for how she promoted Woman.... HYPOCRITE!..


ps.. Oprah decision, helped me make mine who I was voting for!


do it make it ok for people to be mad at her for endorseing obama " that makes it ok ......................hyporcrits


if you guys wasnt so worried i thought mcain had this in the bag so why worry and why do you need oprah he is gonna win right "
so this should not be an issue
and i thought mcain and obama was running not obama and palin "
is that how much you think of your canidate "
shame on you
maybe she should have biden and palin "
oh noooooo
and if she ever do have palin i would be front in center to ask her beauty quenn self what did you mean about calling obama
class act huh"
maybe oprah should also have the klan on huh"
"white power "


" obama /biden " 08
obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama


" sorry if i sound angry " but i am tired of the bully tactics !
maybe i should hate condeleeza rice for being a republican but guess what people " im not because its her choice no matter how twisted it is " i still respect her
and in case you dont know thier are a lot of black repulicans and i dont like it but its thier choice !!!!!!!!
so if mcain wins they have to deal with it "


Oprah's ratings are falling:
January 14-20
RANK PROGRAMS ORIG Persons Live+SD (000)

August 18-24
RANK PROGRAMS ORIG Persons Live+SD (000)

" bunch of lies " lmao

you people are a bunch of racist that probably never watched oprah , and trying to bring her down but too late she is sooooo rich " she maybe could have that square face palin on and give a a baby shower "

Doc Marion Ohio

Sarah should start with "The View", Today Show, Meet the Press, Hannity, Larry King, Hard Ball, Bill O'Riely, Fox Report, PBS, National Press Club, so boycotting Oprah is a distraction. Real media wants to vet Palin's Passport. Doc of Ohio

Your hate reminds me of Hitler

Well I must say there is a lot of racisim and sheer hate going on here!
It sounds a lot like Nazi Germany in the 1940's. This is the same attitude that they used against Jews. You have to do it my way or else I will kill you or harm you the best way I can. I will take your money even your life away... just give me a chance.
Youdon't care about personal choice at all. I bet if it were another person who was white you wouldn't be so upset you would say that it was their choice. Guess what I bet there are a lot of Democrats who support Oprah. By the way I watched your RNC convention from another country and it was a seaof old white people through the whole convention hall. Reporters world wide mentioned it. Don't kid yourself in thinking that people can't see through YOUR biases and hate of people of colour. The world is watching and your RNC reminded them of Hitler and what he did to the Jews. Your hate towards Oprah just proved what many people had seen world-wide at the RNC. What happened to freedom and justice for all? Does it only apply to those who think your way and look the way you do in the mirror?

You should be really saying Hail Hitler! Hail Hitler...
It's really his ideology behind the these comments. You are really his followers! He lives on in all your hate.....


Palin is right out of the Middle Ages. She opposes abortion even in the case of rape or incest. Palin opposes sex education. She wants our kids to be ignorant. Most women want animals to be treated humanely. Palin doesn't. She kills animals for fun. Palin supports running dogs to death in the Iditarod and gunning down wolves and bears by airplanes. Something is terribly wrong with Sarah Palin. It's disgraceful that Florida GOP woman are backing Palin.


Bridget: Have you ever heard of punctuation? Spelling? ...stream of consciousness...

Doc Marion of Ohio: What makes YOU the media expert??

9:46 Who is anti Jewish? You mean Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

You mean the candidate whose friend and spiritual adviser screamde from his pulpit that we deserved 9/11 in part because we support those who support "state supported terrorism against the Palestinians"? Gee I wonder who the good Reverend meant by that?? Could it possible be he thinks we should dump Israel? Wow!

Your hate reminds me of Hitler

If I am not mistaken you should check into Sarah Palin's past. She has a pastor who said some pretty horrible things about Jews. I gues you want to leave that out as well... I just proved my point with your hate comments.


Oh no, BOTH Republican women who subscribe to Oprah mag and watch her show will boycott. She must be terrified.


Palin is a big supporter of Pat Buchanan.


Oprah is a racist, I'll never watch her show again.
She'll support and promote a socialist/communist man that hangs with Domestic Terrorists, Anti-American Racists because the color of his skin is black, yet she refuses to have Sarah Palin on her show.....Not only a racist but biased as well.


Palin and McCain hate Hispanics. They are sending out emails to whites saying that if people vote for Obama, everyone in the country will have to learn to speak Spanish. That's pure racism.

girl next door

I've never liked Oprah and have always wondered what the fascination with her was all about anyway. If I did watch her show (I haven't seen it in at least 15 years) I'd boycott it. Thanks to all of you who have watched her and now are boycotting. This outright bias needs to stop and the power of a boycott will give the likes of Oprah a financial hit.

girl next door

"Palin and McCain hate Hispanics. They are sending out emails to whites saying that if people vote for Obama, everyone in the country will have to learn to speak Spanish. That's pure racism."

Posted by: Margery | September 07, 2008 at 11:12 AM



How about encouraging women to email Oprah also?  I just sent this out to my friends....
If you are personally disappointed in Oprah's decision to not bring Sarah Palin on her show until  AFTER the election.  We are encouraging women to email Oprah and express their disappointment as she is allowing her personal political affiliations to cloud her judgement.  Women want to learn more about Sarah Palin.  The Oprah Show has been dedicated for years to educating women on topics of all interest that effect their lives.   Why stop now? Especially before such a huge and historic election that will CHANGE our country?  Shame on you Oprah!   
You can email Oprah at:


So Margery, got a copy of that e-mail? With the sender's e-mail on it? Not yours or a friof yours?


Erin Brockovitch

Oprah has fooled the masses like cattle to the slaughter with her lame show. Please Don't let Barrack Obama fool you!

Jesse Venturo

Has any of you seen a real live 3rd world country? I have and they are small scale. Elect Obama and watch the U.S. become the new 3rd world country!



Obama was an Acorn “leadership trainer”

On behalf of Acorn, Obama and a team of Chicago attorneys won a 1995 suit forcing the state of Illinois to implement the federal “motor-voter” bill.

Acorn is the key modern successor of the radical 1960’s “New Left,” with a “1960’s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism”. It grew the National Welfare Rights Organization, which launched a campaign of sit-ins and disruptions at welfare offices. The goal was to remove eligibility restrictions, and thus effectively flood welfare rolls with so many clients that the system would burst, so as to force “a radical reconstruction of America’s unjust capitalist economy.”

Acorn’s new goals are municipal “living wage” laws targeting “big-box” stores like Wal-Mart, rolling back welfare reform, and regulating banks — efforts styled as combating “predatory lending.”

Chicago is home to one of Acorn’s strongest chapters, and Acorn has burst into a closed city council meeting there. Acorn protestors in Baltimore disrupted a bankers’ dinner and sent four busloads of profanity-screaming protestors against the mayor’s home, terrifying his wife and kids. Even a Baltimore city council member who generally supports Acorn said their intimidation tactics had crossed the line.

Keep reading at: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NDZiMjkwMDczZWI5ODdjOWYxZTIzZGIyNzEyMjE0ODI=


she needs to stay home and get her kids under control. from what my son's friend told him, Bristol has been out of control for years, one of the 'bad' kids in town.


I don't think they hate Hispanics and I have not seen an email like this. However, I have heard that Obmama is not in favor of English being the official language of the US. Surely, this could have repercussions for those who are not bilingual. The way I see it, it is a good idea to speak more than one language. I would not want to feel forced to do so. There are many areas of the country where English is almost spoken secondarily. Those born in the US would be at a great disadvantage if English was not the official language. Somehow this seems totally inappropriate. I have taken many, many years of Spanish and it is a pleasure to do this. However, I would never want to feel forced to do this. If I were going to move to France, I would automatically sign myself up for French lessons out of necessity. I would not expect France to change their laws and make them more liberal on my behalf and then find an English speaking community so that I would have little obligation to learn the language of my new country. I recognize that many will not agree with this...it is a matter of opinion and perspective. However, it is not a hate thing. That is inappropriate mudslinging propaganda. I do think Oprah is fear based, biased, selfish, unprofessional, arrogant and abuses her power. I have been watching her less and less and have now made the decision not to watch her at all.


Oh MY! Oprah will be SO disappointed to learn that the Florida GOP women are dissing her. Hmmm . . . . I wonder if she'll be able to sleep? Seriously, folks, am I the only one who's noticed that Mooseburger's lenses don't appear to have correction? Are they simply props -- perhaps to make her look intelligent? The McThuselah/Mooseburger ticket is looking sillier by the moment.


Correction: Are they simply props -- perhaps to TRY TO make her look intelligent? Won't work. Nothing will. She won't do interviews because she is an empty suit.

Cynical Idealist

All you people who hate the other side are stupid. You can't stand someone believing something different than you, so you feel like you must vilify them to make yourself feel better, or validate your beliefs. Get a grip. There's nothing wrong with being a liberal, or a conservative. But, when you start screaming at other people simply because they don't think like you do, or agree with you, then there is something wrong....Wrong with YOU!


This is crazy. People get your facts straight and read the article above again and again and again. It states the following: "Winfrey had invited Obama on her show twice before he announced his decision to run for president -- in January 2005 and in the fall of 2006 shortly before he announced his candidacy. She never invited Hillary Clinton during the primaries and she said Friday she would "love" to have Palin on her show, but only after the Nov. 4 election.

Is this country not about choice? Florida Republican women think they are the only ones in this country who made Oprah who and what she is, where do they get off at? Its like she owes them something. God made Oprah Winfrey who she is, not the Rebuplican racist white women who look down on everyone who does not make more than 5 million dollars a year....the middle class. Sarah Palin has refused to do interviews and McCain's campaign manager stated today on "Meet the Press" that Palin will do interviews when they say she will. They have to get her ready to answer some tough questions with good lies before she's ready to be interviewed by the media. Boycott other programs as well and damn people get a grip!!


Who mentioned props? I think Obama had more props than anyone at the conventions. He seemed to want to appear like a Greek God.

I think I feel rankled by this entire ordeal because I feel duped by Oprah and wonder if others have duped me over the years. My eyes have been opened by this.

For example, I feel it is highly likely that Oprah knew early on that Obama would be in the presidential race. By having him on the show early, she could interview him and give him pre-exposure. It was basically a clever marketing move. Then, all doors were closed in terms of interviewing anyone else. No one should be fooled by this.

On the positive side, it has been a growth experience for me personally.

Oprah is exercising her right to be arrogant, biased and abusive of power.

We have the right to turn her off.


One of the reasons it would have been nice to have Palin on the show would be to ask questions regarding her political and/or personal beliefs. It is a missed opportunity. I would have also liked to have seen an interview with Hillary Clinton.

Fortunately, we do have the debates for all of that and I am looking forward to them.
(With the exception that HC wont be in them, unless Biden meets with an unfortunate accident or something).

Oprah is no journalist, nor is she a decent talk show host. She has no regard for her audience or ratings. Her only concern is Oprah all day all the time. How much money can she make, what her causes are, who will grease her palms, who will give her a freebie, who her political favorite is, etc.

Use your former Oprah time to write her sponsors and then use it to do something that will really benefit you or your family.


Sarah Palin was chosen because the CNP said so. CNP advised McCain to choose her because she is completely anti-abortion and will never pose a real threat. Oprah does not want to conduct an interview with Sarah Palin. She also denied to interview Hillary Clinton because she does not want her show to be involved in the race for the White House. The race card is not involved in this situation and if some of you would do more research and have been long time fans of her would remember that she also did not have on her show an African American Rap Artist (Ludacris) because his lyrics are offensive to women. Some people are discussing looks, what does that have anything to do with it. Oprah has always been the front runner for women's rights. Sarah Palin is against abortion rights, was against government funding for children with disability, but when chosen to run for the V.P. position she now states that she will do all she can to get more support for children with disability.Of course Alaskins love her, wouldn't you love someone that literally hands you a check every year for the sale of oil. Thanks bloggers for showing me how much my education means to me.


Ho hum! Oprah has more money than all or the haters in this blog and the little Hippie from Alaska could spend in a lifetime. Boycott that!

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