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Putnam: "I consider myself a conservative, but I felt like this intervention was necessary"

House GOP leader Adam Putnam, who voted for the downed Wall Street rescue plan Monday, says talks are "ongoing on Capitol Hill behind the scenes to try and lay the groundwork for a possible deal late this week."

In an interview on Fox News, Putnam said he's hoping Republican opponents will come around.

"I'm suggesting that if Nancy Pelosi feels like she has to pass this only with Democratic votes this bill will get far worse for my conservative friends," Putnam said. "And I consider myself a conservative, but I felt like this intervention was necessary. If they do it without Republican votes, all of the hard-fought accomplishments that we secured in the negotiations will be for naught and they will load this thing up with all of the left wing ideas. That is not an acceptable public policy for the country."


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I am past caring what you think, Mr. Putnam. I am sick and tired of the mess republicans have made of this country & state in the last eight years. I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER vote for a republican as long as I live! And I'm only 31. Say the word republican and the first thoughts that come to mind are unrestrained greed, failed markets, failed leadership, and power thirsty morons who drive our country's reputation & economy into the ground! I'm so mad that I want to run my fist through a wall. They have mortgaged not only my children's future but my grandchildren as well! All for their greed. I pledge to work the rest of my life trying to defeat any republican that runs for public office. You guys make me absolutely sick.

Capt. Obvious

Hey, Adam, I know you're young, but it's time to grow up.

You don't get to consider yourself a conservative when you vote in favor of the largest distortion of the free market in the history of this nation. You are not a conservative. You are anything but a conservative. And with any amount of luck, soon you won't be a member of Congress, either.

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