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Through thick and thin with McCain

MINNEAPOLIS -- Remember one year ago when John McCain seemed as likely to be the Republican nominee as Sarah Palin was likely to be a contender for vice president?

For a small circle of Floridians who stood by the Arizona senator even when everybody counted him out, the Republican National Convention is sweet vindication.

Fundraiser Ana Navarro remembers when McCain would fly in to Miami and no one from the media would show up at the airport. Or when she had to "beg, borrow and plead'' for $250 checks.

"When I think about where we were, and where we are now, it's surreal,'' said Navarro, who is staying at a hotel reserved for McCain's family and close friends. "It struck me last night when he came into the hall for the first time. I can't believe we are actually here."

Political consultant Carlos Curbelo worked for McCain in South Florida until his cash-poor campaign was forced to fire a slew of people last summer.

"This has to be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of politics,'' he said. "The campaign didn't just bottom out last year. It disappeared."


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Ileana Rodriguez

As a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Ms. Palin has none of the atributes I found in Senator Clinton. Ms. Palin is Pro-life, is a card carrying member of the NRA (hundreds of police officer have died at the hands of AL47 since they (Repbulicans) lifted the assualt weapons ban, and hasn't got a clue as to what is happening in Iraq. Therefore, I will stick to the team that is much more in tune with us "poor" folks who suffer in our communities.


Ana should be able to pick up a slew of new lobbying clients. The mortgage industry is a good start. Sen. McCain can relive his Keating Five glory days.



Don't worry, with Obama we'll all be poor very soon, so you will have plenty of company. He wins, this country will be destroyed. God help us.


Palin has the same spirit as Clinton and the same vision that the people count. America needs a hero(ine). If the DemocRATS will not support theirs, we need to look for leadership from the party that will. No more empty suit Bush/Obama puppet clowns!

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