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Al Gore go Boo! RNC go AHHHH!

Algore In the bash-Al-Gore Republican press release war, Republican Party of Florida: 1. Republican National Committee: 0.

The reason: RPOF has a shorter statement and a sense of humor because it provides us our very own Al Gore Halloween mask.

RPOF statement “Al Gore is a scary blast from Florida’s past, and Barack Obama is equally as frightening for Florida’s families and small business owners. The last thing Florida needs is higher taxes and a redistribution of wealth, but that is exactly what Obama advocates.”

RNC: “’Al the Liberal’ returns to Florida today to support Barack Obama’s liberal agenda to raise taxes during an economic crisis and choke off defense spending for America’s troops. Despite Gore’s visit to the Sunshine State, Obama’s proposals to ‘spread the wealth’ and increase taxes on families and small business owners will not resonate with voters who are worried about making ends meet. As Gore should know better than anyone, Academy Awards and Nobel Prizes are no substitute for having a good job.”