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Attention earthlings, Barack Obama should be your new leader

The founder of the Raelins, a sect that in late 2002 (from a Hollywood Beach hotel) claimed to have cloned a human -- with no proof -- have declared their presidential preference. Here's the press release:

"In a rare statement regarding elections, Rael, founder of the International Raelian Movement publicly announced his support for Barack Obama in the upcoming US presidential election. Rael said 'I support him because it would be an historical event to have, especially in a land which was built upon slavery, a Black president. And of course I support his position on other things like stem cell research and especially his promise for ending the war in Iraq which was illegal and based on lies.

"The Raelian Movement does not get involved in politics – at least until a better form of government is created, namely Geniocracy. Geniocracy is a type of selective democracy Raelians hope to see ushered in which will be comprised only of the most intelligent people. Rael reminds people to look around and easily see that the world is not yet governed by intellect or love.

"Rael went on to say 'But as a citizen of the Earth, it’s my opinion that Barack Obama is clearly on a less dangerous path with his more liberal policies than the last 8 years of neo-con religious 'might makes right' brought the planet. He is even criticized by the right for wanting to engage in talking with countries. Lasting peace can only be achieved thru talking!"