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Challenger: Hastings threatened to kill me

Congressional candidate Marion Thorpe Jr. has accused Rep. Alcee Hastings of threatening to kill him shortly after the two debated Thursday night at a candidate's forum in Boca Raton.

A Thorpe campaign press release says Hastings was upset about Thorpe's mention of his impeachment as a federal judge in 1989.

According to the release, Hastings threatened to "take [Thorpe] out permanently'' if he mentioned Hastings' impeachment again. Hastings then walked away while "wagging his finger and whispering 'It’s not over, it’s not over, I’m coming for you,' '' the press release states, adding that Thorpe has asked for a restraining order.

In a statement Friday, Hastings said "I have not seen this frivolous police report nor did I know anything about it before this afternoon. I did not say anything of the sort to Dr. Thorpe."

Investigators are looking into Thorpe's statements but as of Friday afternoon no charges had been filed, said Sandra Boonenberg, a police spokeswoman.



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Hastings is a white collar thug who thinks an education is a disguise for his hoodlum underpinnings.

Mad Floridian

Alcee Hastings is trash.




There you have it folks... this is the mentality of the Obama people. They are all thug criminals.

captain cucamonga

I can’t believe American citizens will not use their heads to put two and two together. Where is Barrack Obama getting all of this money for advertisements. Don’t be afraid people, the wall street melt down is a magic trick to put us in fear to vote for Barrack Obama. Wall Street is greasing Bill Clinton’s palm also for his money shot Endorsement of B.O.. The wall street meltdown happened in a timely manner before the election. Wall Street has robbed American citizens purposely to sway an election. B.O. is a gentle lamb in wolves clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

captain cucamonga

That 5 million dollars for Barrack Obama’s 30 minute commercial is corrupt money from companies on wall street that have purposely ruined American citizens lives by creating financial turmoil. This is all by design to sway votes toward Obama. Wake up people, the wall street meltdown just so happened right before this election? Regardless our votes don’t count. The U.S. election is as corrupt as many third world countries.

captain cucamonga

Wall Street is holding America Captive People. Wake up !!!!! Wall Street is strangling America to scare us into voting for Barrack Obama. Slick Willie is getting his palm greased by Barrack Obama’s corrupt Wall Street Blood Money. This is a magic trick to scare us people. Wall Street has hurt us and so has Barrack Clinton.


Questioning the American Bolshevik views
1. Is wealth redistribution taking money from stockholders and redistributing it to those who don’t pay taxes?
2. Is it more important to make sure that illegal votes are not disenfranchised or making sure that groups like ACORN do not nullify honest votes.
3. Would premature U.S. withdrawal from Iraq grand jihadists a victory and make all of our accomplishments, money spent and lives lost a big waist?
4. Can this country afford to grant socialist Democrats total control of the government and allow them to sacrifice our safety by cutting the military budget by 25%?
Now comes the big question. How do we stop socialism from ruining our lives?
The answer is simple. Don’t vote American Bolsheviks into power and boycott the socialist propaganda media into bankruptcy.

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