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Dem registration gains show McCain needs "voodoo magic"

As Florida becomes more coffee-colored, so is the Democratic Party. The Republican Party remains a whiter shade of pale.

Today, blacks and Hispanics together account for about 36 percent of the state's population and 37 percent of the Democratic voter rolls. Yet they make up just 13 percent of the Republican Party, which has remained 84 percent white since the last presidential election.

With a nearly 658,000-voter registration edge over Republicans, Democrats have flipped two battleground counties since the last presidential election, turned the crucial Interstate-4 corridor more to their favor and made South Florida an even deeper shade of liberal blue -- largely due to minority voter increases.

''I hope we have some voodoo magic in our sack,'' said former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Tom Slade.

``John McCain is going to need to pull three or four rabbits out of a hat -- not just one -- with huge numbers like this that we're facing. We need to look more like the state. And we're not.''

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