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Dems take credit for more early voting hours

Miramar Democrat Alcee Hastings is applauding Gov. Charlie Crist's decision to extend early voting hours -- noting that it follows a request made last week by Florida’s Democratic members of Congress.

"Floridians are voting in record numbers this year, and I thank the Governor for listening to the people of Florida and extending early voting hours," Hastings said. "This extension is critically important to ensure that every Floridian has a chance to vote early and with the least amount of stress possible."

Adds Florida Democratic Party chair Karen Thurman: "With a record number of voters across the Sunshine State turning out to early vote, Governor Charlie Crist did the right thing today ..."

No such sentiments yet from the Republican Party of Florida. Could it be the fact that Democrats have significantly out-early voted the GOP?


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Sarah (Not Palin)

I don't think the governor has the authority to do this, but there won't really be time to challenge it in court.

I agree with the longer hours, but not when they're extended without the proper legal authority.

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