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"Florida is the backbreaker for McCain." Et tu, Chuck?

The smartest man in the punditry business, MSNBC's Chuck Todd, all but called Florida for Barack Obama on Morning Joe.

Todd: "Look at everything they're doing with Florida. Bill Clinton got sent there. Al Gore got sent there. The 30-minute infomercial ends in Florida. I think Florida is the backbreaker for McCain. It's what breaks McCain's heart. Florida and New Hampshire will be the Shakespearean tragedy for John McCain - the two states that resurrected his political career."

Joe Scarborough: "My prediction, being from Florida, if everything tightens up more, I think Florida figures out a way to go McCain in the end."

Todd: "Will Crist do everything he can?"

Scarborough: "Oh, my God, yeah."

Todd: "Becuse Crist is the one who dragged him over the finish line in the primary."

Crist endorsed McCain as internals showed the race tightening Jan. 29. Sen. Mel Martinez and Miami's Cuban-American congressional trio played a huge role swinging Hispanics to McCain and away from Rudy Giuliani's campaign for President of Florida. And is Crist's nixing of hard-hitting fliers, playing footsie with the McCain campaign earlier this month, expanding early voting at the behest of Democrats and then swooping in high-profile-style to cut an ad for McCain evidence of Crist "doing everything?"

Ah, who knows but Crist? He's certainly lean and politically hungry, and not one of the fat, sleek-headed men who's known to sleep o-nights.