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Hockey arena waits for hockey mom

ESTERO -- The local newspaper reports that the Florida Everblades -- that's a minor league hockey team, not a misspelled national park -- got booted from their main practice area at the Germain Arena today to make way for the crowds coming to see Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The arena holds about 8,000 and is expected to be packed. Among the early arrivals: Ray Corcoran of the West Charlotte Republican Club, pictured below wearing a T-shirt made special for the nation's most famous hockey mom. Img00061The back of the shirt warns: "Obama and Biden, your game is over. Get off of the ice!''

Also here are two independent voters from Port Charlotte, Jane and Richard Sprunk, pictured below, whose son is a lieutenant in the Marines and will be deployed in May.

"I wanted to see history,'' she said, referring to Palin's status as the first woman on the Republican ticket.

Img00060_2 The crowd is chanting "Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!''


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Ask the Pit Bull Moose about healthcare:

Those of us who value Medicare should know what McCain has in mind:

From the Wall St. Journal Oct. 6, 2008

"McCain would pay for his health plan with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid, a top aide said, in a move that independent analysts estimate could result in cuts of $1.3 trillion over 10 years to the government programs. The Republican presidential nominee has said little about the proposed cuts, but they are needed to keep his health-care plan "budget neutral," as he has promised. The McCain campaign hasn't given a specific figure for the cuts, but didn't dispute the analysts' estimate."

Jessica Galvan

GOR GOD SAKE Floridians stop being so ignorants radicals and please wake up from the republican nightmare, vote for OBAMA AND BYDEN if you really want a real change for this country, if you don't do so you will then regret it for many many years to come!!!


Hockey Mom = teenage daughter knocked-up by boyfriend and son shipped off to Iraq to avoid criminal charges?

I think I'll pass.

Reinaldo J. Rodriguez

Which is the reason that the Newspaper does not inform about the Important news about the relationship of Obama with terrorists elements like Wiliam Ayers that placed bombs in difference places and Obamas started his campaign in William Ayers living room . They were neighborgs and good friends how about the Trinity Church that Obama attended for twenty years wich is based on the Theology Liberation-with a Socialistic State as program. Why the newspaper is hiding those facts?


Gag - I think I will pass - Is there any substance to this Ticket??? I want to know that my President and Vice President will get us out of Iraq, fix our economy and clean up our brand to the rest of the world...Being a hockey mom and a "maverick" just wont cut it this time around!

J Diaz

My thoughts about Sarah Palin are not very favorable. I think her to be very dangerous for this country.

Sarah Palin and her side kick have lots to explain to American people.

In my opinion McCain & Palin are Ignorant and very racist. They are clueless to the needs of 21 century America of today. What we need now are representatives who are willing to listen and encourage us to evolve as Americans and to spread good will.


Thanks But No Thanks

I'll pass on a sighting of Sarah The Salmon! Otherwise then personal attacks, she will have nothing of substance to say,,,,nothing about healthcare, the current economic crisis. Problems Americans want fixed NOW not something someone imagined may have happened 20-30 years ago,,,


Obama started his campaign for President in Bill Ayers house, a known terrorist. Obama's own house was purchased through Tony Rezko who is heading for jail. Obama's pastor damned America multiple times and fails to apologize for it. The youth of this country are now singing to a leader who will not only change America but change the world.

Throughout all of this all the Obama supporters can say is that they want change. Well Russia wanted change in 1917, Germany wanted change in the 1930s, and Cubans wanted change in 1959. To each his own.

P Diddy

Keating 5, S & L Meltdown --- John McCain.
7 houses, 12 cars, economy not affecting him...w/ the exception of him losing this election. America has awakened. step to the side Neo Cons, we are gonna fix this country yet again!

jewly toms

pretty disgusting isnt it? Economic disaster, Two Wars, housing crisis, energy crisis, and looming global warming/water rise and you are talking about soccer moms. shame shame shame. does the editor dictate how dumb the reports have to be, or is there a deficiency of intelligence in the media?


I don't care if McCain had 100 cars and 50 houses. As long as he paid for them legally then who cares. Warren Buffet and George Soros have more money than McCain and they support Obama but nobody rips them. The hallmark of communist ideals is class envy where the poor people want to take away what the rich have earned. This is what we see unfolding here. Income redistribution,Robin Hood economics, sounds great on paper except it never works. Taxing oil companies will pay for healthcare for the poor until the oil companies run out of money and then Obama will have to find another target to after and so on. This is why it never works!


wake up people!!! don't get trapped by the socialist rhetoric. Obama will destroy this country. Obama's will tax you until it hurts. He's another Castro. His friends and supporters like Hugo Chavez, the American Communist Party, the Nation of Islam, ACORN and others, want him to win for a reason.

According to The Book of Revelation the anti-Christ
is: The anti-Christ will
be a man, in his 40's, of MUSLIM descent, who will
deceive the nations with
persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like
appeal....the prophecy says
that people will flock to him and he will promise
false hope and world peace,
and when he is in power, will destroy everything..

Do we recognize this description??


Obama fans,

Your leader is a phony. He'll tell you everything you want to hear. He'll promise you ANYTHING to secure your vote. Obama is an elitist, a Socialist, and the wrong choice. He's NEVER handled a mutli-million dollar budget. He's NEVER worn a military uniform. He has no idea what he's getting himself and this country into. You guys remember what happened to Cuba?? Some guy named Castro? You may have heard of him. All jokes aside, do your research. Don't base your decision off of mainstream media. Ignorance will be the end for this country.



Sarah is smarter than those who are voting for her. Too bad for them, too bad for us.



P Diddy

NeoCons, you had your man Bush in there for 8 years. You had your chance and look at the condition of the country? The FACTS are facts, no innuendo, no rumors --- FACTS! The country is not doing good!

Step aside. Enough Lies! Like I said, we'll fix it and let you reap the benefits.


Channeling McCain/Palin supporters...*puts fingers in ears* Ayers, Ayers, Ayers, HUSSEIN, Ayers, Ayers, blah blah!!1!


No one is voting for Sarah Palin. We are voting for Obama or McCain. This is the top of the ticket and you need to take a good look at the records. Obama will socilize our economy and our lifestyle. He will re-distribute wealth according to his plan. He is a Regular Robin of the Hood. It's not American to pay more taxes.

Senex, Ireland

Governor Palin has made an excellent start in
her home state of Alaska. She has fought corruption and has served the state well.
As an observer, I feel she could bring change
to Washington, if given the opportunity.
She does not pander to people and she gets things
done. She could have a good future in politics.
Well worth supporting.

Good fortune, Senex, Ireland


As if on cue:

"Barack Hussein Obama" ... It Is October, After All

ESTERO, FL - The sheriff of Lee County refered to the Democratic nominee as "Barack Hussein Obama" today as part of his introductory remarks before Sarah Palin spoke at a rally here.

"On Nov. 4, let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happend," Sheriff Mike Scott told the crowd at Germain Arena.

Scott was speaking as part of a program before Palin's arrival at the rally. Palin was at a fundraiser in Naples, Fla. at the time.

E. Benedict

Can you really say that this chirpy voiced winking "mom" from a state w/ population 1/4 of Dade County can and should be a heart beat from the Prezident? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Obama will bring us closer to One World Order and America will no longer be free it will be bought by our enemies. They will make our money worthless and we will not be allowed to buy or sell until we submit to the Mark of the Beast, the One World System which will most likely be computer chips in our skin. When you suddenly see the truth one day remember you have been warned by all of us Jesus Freaks and repent, refuse the mark and you will receive the promis!


How about a head line that reads "Palin event moved to larger location to make roomfor supporters" as opposed to saying thelocal hockey team got booted from their practice space.

Hey Herald, how are those layoffs coming along?


oscar; Nobody rips Buffet and Soros because they are smart. They want Obama a man of peace. You want a man of war, McCain. ANyone that has family should realize that Bush and McCain lied about the reason to go to war. It is all about the money to these war criminals and our great soldiers are dying and being maimed and you think that this is ok? In the name of victory, victory my As$, for what? Blood Money!!!!

I want our boys and girls home in America with their families and when we need them, ( and hopefully this will be never) then they can go and defend our freedom.

We want Obama for peace and Prosperity for all.


There is nothing more frustrating than ill-informed citizens who spit back propaganda points without stopping to analyze what they are saying or confirm it's truth. Glass houses. Glass houses. Glass houses...

Obama was 8 years old when Ayers committed his crimes. How old was McCain during the Keating five? He might have been older than Obama is now.

And then there is Foreclosure Phil, McCain's financial guru who he wants to name Sec of Treasury. The guy who allowed this economic mess to happen.

It's just so exhausting to address the smears.

But it's such a bad move to throw stones when the other team has boulders.


Layoffs Sam? - do you think it's just the Herald? The whole economy is in the crapper thanks to Bush/McCain deregulation and policies favoring the rich over working people. (We truly can't blame this on Sarah Palin. Todd doesn't even let her balance the family checkbook.) Unfortunately right wing nutjobs will spread fear and rumors about Obama and Biden sufficient to keep this crew of right wing know-nothings in power while the Chinese walk in space, the Dow tanks, and Americans line up for soup!


America is already being bought by its enemies. Bush and McBush are funding wars by selling our debt to China. The dollar is the worth less than Canadas and after they print upwards of a trillion more dollars it will be worth even less. The credit market will quickly freeze up and there will be no buying or selling of anything. All this by our current leaders without Obama's help. So, Karen, and the rest of you "Jesus Freaks" need to open your eyes to what's happening around you. The Republicans have failed, it's time for real change. And I doubt Jesus ever had such hatred in his heart that you seem to be caring around

Tanja Gillam

At noon Eastern on Monday, October 6th, Obama's camp will releasing a 13-minute documentary about the scandal called "Keating Economics: John McCain and the Making of a Financial Crisis" -- it will be available at http://keatingeconomics.com/, along with background information that every voter should know.

Don't forget to check out the “Obama” Channel on Dish Network channel 73.

Obama/Biden 08


Dear FC,

Do you know who is in control of the lending of money in America? It is not you U.S. Government. It is an illegal private bank called "The Federal Reserve Banking System." go to libertyforlife.com or google liberty for life.

here's how it works, the Treasury prints the money at the request of illegal private "The Federal Reserve Banking System." They loan it to our U.S. Government and charge our U.S. Government interest on our own money. I say;

Nationalize the Federal Reserve Banking System, with no compensation. They have earned enough illegal interest from Americans and America since 1913. The U.S. government must be our Central Bank. They will loan us money with no interest if we are credit worthy. Charging interest will be illegal. Call in the treasury bills, print the money and pay off national debt. We tell the world what we value the dollar at. We accept today's value of all countries currencies. Currency trading is illegal. Banks monitor our checking accounts and have ATM's only. Credit card companies charge merchants 2 or 3% for a transaction. The central bank loans you money for your credit card purchases, and you make monthly payments, interest free to central bank. Eliminate Wall Street; public companies handle all sales of the stocks for their stockholders, no brokerage fees. No trading of futures on food and fuel commodities. Eliminate income taxes, only a federal value added tax. Gambling with other peoples money, destabilizes economies. Free markets are greed driven. An economy is there for the citizens to buy goods and services, NOT FOR THE GREEDY TO PREY UPON THE CITIZENRY. warpedtimetraveler@yahoo.com for more info


If you want to end the war then either kill all the terrorists or get them to stop bombing things. The war did not put us in this financial hole. Fannie and Freddie and the Democrat machine put us here. Even the great Bill Clinton couldn't get his party to regulate Fannie and Freddie because the Liberals wanted to give houses away with 0 down payment and 1% interest.



aint so Pailin...2 million dollars reported income is that the annual income of the average american soccer mom Thats why Mr and MS Mc are going to loose the elections I have a suggestion to the herald perhaps you can conduct an informal poll whenever the Mc Cain circus comes into town and ask those attending how the state of the us economy is affecting them.


Sarah Palin is a prime example of the demise of the Republican Party and conservatism.

Palin cannot give a straight answer to questions that are asked about today's extremely important issues. Palin must resort to petty name-calling and personal attacks.

Palin is an insult to all American women who hoped for a female Presidential or VP candidate. And men,also.......


reinaldo dont let your cuban latin mentality get in the way of thinking Obama is not a terrorist you guys are every time I read a postin from a latin I cringe thinking about the bad reputation you have given becuas eof your ignorance and paranoia by the way are you christian if so please reread the ten commandments and ask for forgiveness I know I forgive your ignorance


IF YOU want the truth about this financial mess....take a look a the following video...


E. Benedict

The prize for the idiotic post of the day by a typical McCain Palin voter -

According to The Book of Revelation the anti-Christ is: The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40's, of MUSLIM descent, who will
deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace,
and when he is in power, will destroy everything..

Do we recognize this description??

Posted by: rmoltaban


I invite everybody to check www.youtube.com and go to Obama Youth under search or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdPSqL9_mfM&feature=related.

To see the real Obama, please be aware of Obama and his crew, say no to Obama, yes to democracy.


Houdini, I understand what your saying, but those systems are doomed to fail. There is too much greed in the world


I don't think anyone would call Chicago mayor Richard Daley a friend of terrorists, but Daley said in a recent interview that he has long consulted Ayers on education issues, noting that Ayers has "done a lot of good in this city and nationally.” William Ayers is currently a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the author or editor of 15 books, and an advocate of school reform.

Obama has called Ayers “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.” I don't know about anyone else, but I've served on many boards -- and worked hard with people -- that I did not consider friends and did not particularly like.

Sarah Palin is raising this issue to distract from the shortcomings of her own ticket. I find it shocking that she is claiming to be a fiscal conservative given her own political history. It's a matter of public record that the town of Wasilla was debt free when she became mayor -- and was 22 million dollars in debt when she left office. Plus the Alaskan Legislature is currently investigating charges that she illegally dismissed Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan because he would not fire the governor's ex-brother-in-law, State Trooper Mike Wooten.

Palin is working very hard to throw up a smokescreen to distract us all from the important issue: the past eight years of a Republican administration have left our country in sad shape. Examine McCain's policies and you will see that they are a continuation of the Bush administration's. We don't need more of the same!

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