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Lieberman promises McCain won't die in office

From the Huffington Post:

Asked again on Sunday whether Sarah Palin is ready to be president, Sen. Joe Lieberman went one step further than he has in past remarks -- virtually pledging to voters that John McCain "will live to 85 at least."

In an audio clip of the Tampa event obtained by the Huffington Post, Lieberman acknowledged that he has spoken "to doctors and insurance actuaries" about McCain's health.

"People say to me, 'Oh jeez, he's 72 and he's got skin cancer,' " Lieberman said, adding: "I can tell you he's been in remission for eight years. Secondly, I talked -- because I get asked this question so much -- I talked to doctors and insurance actuaries. And they tell me based on McCain's age, his health, including skin cancer, he'll live till at least 85. And probably longer."

Lieberman once again offered a prayer that Palin would not soon have to serve as commander in chief: "I believe that he'll be able to serve through his first term for which he's elected, please God."