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Mario as mini-Bush

Here's the latest campaign mailer courtesy of the local 527 that's targeting Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart for reelection. One South Florida Media Fund says it has blanketed the district with the mailer.

Minildb Voters in the South Florida races say they're tuning out some of the nastier ads in the congressional races -- including one that superimposes a photograph of Raul Martinez over a truck dumping garbage. Mario Diaz-Balart has repeatedly tried to link challenger Joe Garcia to Enron: ''It's outrageous that he's allowed to say anything he wants about me,'' Garcia says. Martinez says it's time for a truth-in-advertising law.

Other independent groups active in the race: the National Right to Life PAC which reports dropping $$ on mailers and radio ads for the D-B's and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.


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Yup, this ad seems about right. Arrogant, out of touch, and voted with Bush 90% of the time? A reliable rubber stamp? Trying to tie his opponent to Enron, when the Diaz-Balart boys were the ones who actually took their dirty money? Typical "Loyal Bushie" tactics, and good reasons why we need to send brothers Mario and Lincoln Diaz-Balart packing.


Obama 2020

I think this ad is funny [not effective].

I personally liked the movie but think this diminishes our elected representatives. Just because it can be done with photoshop does not mean it should be done. It's not a good tactic for any party to play against each other.

kim smith

I received this mailer at home yesterday - and still wasn't sure who to vote for, but I give these guys credit for being creative (making me laugh) and tying it in with the issues. I'm voting for Joe Garcia!


I am voting for Mario, he's a great sport! Joe stop acting like your Kim Smith...


''It's outrageous that he's allowed to say anything he wants about me,'' Garcia says. Martinez says it's time for a truth-in-advertising law.

So you don't denounce this ad and you want this to stop? you Democrats are pathetic.

Ito Bendito

"I...think this diminishes our elected representatives."

No pun intended, right Mr. 2020?

Mario is a Bush clone. Maybe if he exercised independent judgment more than 4% of the time, this ad wouldn't ring so true.

And Manny, you want know what's really pathetic? That your congressmen presided over what were still considered Republican strongholds as recently as May of this year, and now they're in the political fights of their careers. What's worse is that all they can do to defend themselves is engage in character assassination. If they have such a great record in Congress, why haven't I heard a word about it in their ads or anywhere else for that matter? If Lincoln is a man of such "integrity", how is it possible that he's racing neck-to-neck against Raul "Wheel of Corruption" Martinez? Is that lame Enron sh*t really the best Mario can do? This is why there are so many McCain supporters in this town who are voting for Joe and Raul in this election. No one is more pathetic than Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart. They're an absolute joke.


I don't need my Congressman to call me every time he sponsors a bill, I think that is an unreasonable request of any candidate. It's my responsibility to look up the facts. I have seen the Diaz-Balarts voting record and its on target for issues our community cares about. Just because you won't vote for them should not blind you from the facts.

It's simple, there are two job applications and I would not choose Mr. Martinez. Having the audacity to apply to another public office considering he became rich being a Mayor for a blue collar city does not qualify to do so. Calling facts , "character assassination" is convenient when your candidate has no ethical credibility to stand on.

As for Joe, he and Mas Santos destroyed the once beloved CANF and have consistantly attempted to take this community to the left of the spectrum. He has not served the community in any meaningful way other than being an employee for wealthy Cubans. That's why the Enron story rings true, that he would seek to work for another rich person. Mario served us well in the Fl. House and Senate, he has been on right on Cuba. Joe and his buddy Mas Santos, only care about moving there business interests forward as they did in the past with lobbyist talking more about their business than Cuba. Where you here to see the foundation destroyed?

You should try to peddle your pitch to someone else that has not lived in this community and knows the real story.

I am glad you are voting for McCain that is great, lets say we will agree to disagree on the rest. Regardless of your attempt to sabotage a fellow republican both Mario and Lincoln will win with decent margins. Even in a hostile pro Obama environment.

Ito Bendito

I have lived in this community for 22 years and have a very different take on just about every single thing that you state above. So we'll just have to, as you say, agree to disagree. Except on everything, since I'm voting for Obama;)

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