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Martinez, home in Florida, gets an "earful" about the House vote

Florida Sen. Mel Martinez says he's coming back to DC "very supportive" of the bill to bail out Wall Street. Interviewed on CNBC today, Martinez said he was in Florida Tuesday "and got an earful about the House vote.

"And so I'm going back, very much supportive of the package," he said. "I think it is time that the Congress acted. Obviously, a lot of frustration out there, but I think understanding that it is important that we do this."

Martinez said he heard from constituents who were baffled by the calls against the bailout. House members who shot down the bail out plan reported 1,000's of phone calls and e-mails -- almost all of them opposed to the measure.

"What I was hearing from a lot of people was the fact that, 'Gee, who is making these phone calls? I guess I haven't made the phone call. I need to call now because I didn't understand that it made a difference,' " he said. "To many members of the House, who are up for reelection -- all of them are up for reelection this year -- a ton of phone calls going in one direction, none going in the other, can make a difference."

But he suggested public opinion is turning: "I think you're seeing a reaction by people who are very concerned about the economy, who believe that Congress needs to act, coming around and saying, 'Well, I'd better get on the phone and make my views known.' "

Martinez said he thinks a proposal for an oversight board "gives people confidence. And the fact that the Congress has heard from the American people that they want this thing carefully watched and that it's not going to enrich people with golden parachutes."


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Robbin Harrell

I'm a republican who will never vote for martinez again. Count on it...


Sorry to see that you voted for the "bailout"

I will no longer vote for you anymore and hope you lose your senate seat...(and I am a life long republican).

The republican Party used to stand for Limited Government and the Constitution but those days are long gone. Socialist Sellouts like you make me sick to my stomach.

Please remember Mr Martinez you are suppose to be representing "US" not WALL STREET! I told you to vote "NO" so I'll vote "NO" next time you're up for election!

Robert Fulton

Mr Martinez,

You need to get off your wall street coke buzz. No one want this bill except those that are getting something for it. Wall Street Job maybe ?

Your out and I will not only not vote for you but will help the other guy.

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