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Mason Dixon: Ballot amendments are all in trouble

The final Mason Dixon poll of the season shows that none of the constitutional amendments on the Nov. 4 ballot have the support to get past the 60 percent threshold they need to become law.

Amendment #2, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, has lost some support from the first October poll and is now at 55-35 percent. "It still has a chance to win approval,'' said pollster Brad Coker, noting that the undecided voters -- 10 percent -- could push it over the top.

Amendment #1, which would repeal the outdated constitutional ban on ownership of property by people ineligible for citizenship, has a 46-30 percent margin.

Amendments #4, which allows for property tax exemptions to be enacted for land used for conservation, also loses with a 46-26 maring.

Amendment #6, which allows for property tax exemptions for waterfront property used as marinas, has a 48-24 percent of margin.

Amendment #3, which gives homeowners who invest in hurricane protecdtion and energy saving improvements a tax break, also lacks voters support with a 36-28 percent margin.

Amendment #8, which allows counties to offer a local option sales tax for community college funding, wasn't included in the poll but a mid-October poll by Mason Dixon found it was opposed by 47 percent of those surveyed while only 38 percent favored it. 



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