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McCain camp: We're gonna outspend Obama on TV until Nov. 4

McCain campaign director Rick Davis just finished a conference call with reporters to set the record straight on several things:

* they expect to spend at least $10 million more than the Obama camp on television in the final five days of the campaign;

* the McCain campaign has been competitive when it comes to spending because of the RNC cash, and Republicans are not at a disadvantage in the early voting/absentee ballot voting calculus

* and, oh yeah, they're going to win the electoral vote and popular vote in a very tight race.

Here's the reasoning:

Spending: "This is the most amount of money ever spent in a two-month period in Republican Party history,'' Davis said, when you include the $50 million the RNC spent on independent expenditure advertising. "You'll be surprised to learn that we have been very competitive in some of our spending areas and ahead of anything of any presidential campaign.''

TV time: Over the last 10 days, "we're on track" to outspend Obama on television and "that includes the 30 minute ad,'' Davis said. The independent expenditure money from the RNC will exceed $20 million for the last week of the campaign and that, coupled with McCain's spending, will bring the final week total close to $54 million this week -- which will exceed the Obama campaign and the help from the Democratical National Committee by over $10 million.

Early votes: "We're staying as competitive as any other winning presidential race in early voting and absentee ballots,'' Davis said. One caveat, however, Davis includes in his count the absentee ballot requests which have not yet beeen turned in.

Win: "We are witnessing I believe probably one of the greatest combacks cine John McCain won the primary,'' Davis said. "This has been the best 10 days of polling since the convention. We've shaken off the effects of the financial collapse that surpassed our numbers...



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captain cucamonga

Those 5 million dollars for Barrack Obama’s 30 minute commercial is corrupt money from companies on Wall Street that have purposely ruined American citizen’s lives by creating financial turmoil. This is all by design to sway votes toward Obama. Wake up people, the Wall Street meltdown just so happened right before this election? Regardless our votes don’t count. The U.S. election is as corrupt as many third world countries.

captain cucamonga

I can’t believe American citizens will not use their heads to put two and two together. Where is Barrack Obama getting all of this money for advertisements? Don’t be scared people, the Wall Street melt down is a magic trick to put us in fear to vote for Barrack Obama. Wall Street is greasing Bill Clinton’s palm also for his money shot Endorsement of B.O.. The Wall Street meltdown happened in a timely manner before the election. Wall Street has robbed American citizens purposely to sway an election. B.O. the gentle lamb in wolves clothing! ! !

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