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McCain supporter says she was spit on at West Kendal voting site

     Zaida Harriman, a John McCain volunteer, who has stood outside the West Dadel Regional Library since early voting began, felt the wrath of Barack Obama supporters this week, she said.
    On Wednesday, as she held the elaborate political sign she made herself supporting the GOP ticket, she said she was spit on by Obama supporters.
   "I was standing here,''  said the retired school cafeteria worker, pointing to the median where all motorists pass  who are coming to vote at the library complex  at 9445 Coral Way.
    "These two young girls driving by in a car saw my sign, yelled and spit at me and threw
their gum at me, too'' she said.
   She said the incident was followed by a small scuffle between other McCain  and Obama supporters. It all ended with a female Obama supporter so agitated, Miami-Dade fire rescue had to be called to treat her.
   "The whole thing was very distasteful,'' Harriman said.
    But on Thursday, a day later  - and Harriman's 68th birthday - she was back at her spot,
stomping for McCain, proudly holding her homemade GOP sign.
    Why does she support the McCain/Palin ticket? It has largely to do with her experience in Cuba.   "The word change is very dangerous. In my country, it lead to a revolution,''  she said.