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McCain supporter says she was spit on at West Kendal voting site

     Zaida Harriman, a John McCain volunteer, who has stood outside the West Dadel Regional Library since early voting began, felt the wrath of Barack Obama supporters this week, she said.
    On Wednesday, as she held the elaborate political sign she made herself supporting the GOP ticket, she said she was spit on by Obama supporters.
   "I was standing here,''  said the retired school cafeteria worker, pointing to the median where all motorists pass  who are coming to vote at the library complex  at 9445 Coral Way.
    "These two young girls driving by in a car saw my sign, yelled and spit at me and threw
their gum at me, too'' she said.
   She said the incident was followed by a small scuffle between other McCain  and Obama supporters. It all ended with a female Obama supporter so agitated, Miami-Dade fire rescue had to be called to treat her.
   "The whole thing was very distasteful,'' Harriman said.
    But on Thursday, a day later  - and Harriman's 68th birthday - she was back at her spot,
stomping for McCain, proudly holding her homemade GOP sign.
    Why does she support the McCain/Palin ticket? It has largely to do with her experience in Cuba.   "The word change is very dangerous. In my country, it lead to a revolution,''  she said.


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james amani

See, the demoncraps are animals.

captain cucamonga

That 5 million dollars for Barrack Obama’s 30 minute commercial is corrupt money from companies on wall street that have purposely ruined American citizens lives by creating financial turmoil. This is all by design to sway votes toward Obama. Wake up people, the wall street meltdown just so happened right before this election? Regardless our votes don’t count. The U.S. election is as corrupt as many third world countries.

captain cucamonga

I can’t believe American citizens will not use their heads to put two and two together. Where is Barrack Obama getting all of this money for advertisements. Don’t be afraid people, the wall street melt down is a magic trick to put us in fear to vote for Barrack Obama. Wall Street is greasing Bill Clinton’s palm also for his money shot Endorsement of B.O.. The wall street meltdown happened in a timely manner before the election. Wall Street has robbed American citizens purposely to sway an election. B.O. is a gentle lamb in wolves clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Garcia

Yes I remember this lady, giving us the one finger salute just today and mentioning (not in a very nice way) somebody's mother. All while she paraded in front of the Obama table totally unprovocked with her sign. The incident with the two girls I don't know about, neither do I remember anyone fainting because of a fight. A lady was treated but it had nothing to do with a confrontation.

Republicans please tell the truth for once.


It is what it is. A 68 year old woman probably brought it all on herself. I know how evil they all are. If you are not for Obama you are inherently evil and therefore could never be a victim that is just campaigning for her presidential candidate....


god BLESS this sweet lady

this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN in America !!!!
not in the year 2008

when will Obama speak up against such vile behavior displayed by his Followers/Worshippers?
??? WHEN ???

it must be because he set such a POOR example by attending such a racially divisive "church" that honors and vile scumbag like Louis Farrakhan. Heck, as stated on Jeremiah Wright's "pastor corner" page of the TUCC website his ministry is based on Black Liberation Theology, which is almost solely based on VIOLENT ACTION TOWARD OTHERS!


Yhea Look at the millions and millions of dollars people have donated to the Obama Campaign...... Where were all those donations when families were sleeping in their cars (the lucky ones) in the dead of winter last year.... OR those displaced by the Hurrince ravaged shore of the Gulf of Mexico. I don't see why Obama refuses to seek election on his own merit rather than depending on the ol mighty dollar.... His supporters say he cares about the people, give me a break. Obama is concerned about one thing and that is HIS status quo.


Oh and as for the wall street meltdown that's rigged by Obama's cohorts in the Middle East....Buy low, sale high, that's the way the stock market goes especially when stocks are sold on the open market. When stocks drop you buy it up when the stocks soar the next day you sale it off. Were being played economics 101 that's why they play the yo-yo affect.....Obama has pushed and pushed for his supporters to vote early... Just wait until the mass of voters cast their vote for McCain/Palin in 5 days.... I know my ballot was ready last week and I'll be dropping it off at 7:45 PM November 4th 2008 ....


Way to go, Maria, blame the victim, You probably think women who get raped were "asking for it", too.


Democrat for McCain, Hmm. Another one of those PUMA's? I’m thinking the Obama campaign is about to learn just how loud the roar of a PUMA really is.


Zaida is one courageous lady - back at her same spot with her lovely sign the very next day. I had a run-in at the supermarket parking lot a couple of weeks ago with two women AA's who saw the Hillary sticker on my car. Talk about insulting, out-of-control whatevers. Because of incidents like this and because of what The Fraud has unleased in this country , that's why I'll remain a Clinton Dem/PUMA and vote McCain/Palin on Tuesday.


"America has never been a conquered country, so it may be very hard for most Americans even to conceive what that can mean. After France was conquered in 1940, it was reduced to turning over some of its own innocent citizens to the Nazis to kill, just because those citizens were Jewish.

Do you think our leaders wouldn't do that? Not even if the alternative was to see New York and Los Angeles go up in mushroom clouds? If I were Jewish, I wouldn't bet my life on that.

What the Middle East fanatics want is not just our resources or even our lives, but our humiliation first, in whatever sadistic ways they can think of. Their lust for humiliation has already been repeatedly demonstrated in their videotaped beheadings that find such an eager market in the Middle East." Source: A Perfect Storm by Thomas Sowell


Here's proof of a scuffle between an Obama poll worker and a McCain supporter.


If the link doesn't work, then look for it on the http://www.nbc6.net site (in the more news section)



Way to go Zaida, there are more of you out there than Obama wants to know.


when sexist terrorists, like Hamas or the Islamist Iran, endorse sexist obuma bad things happen here! by the way when are you going to get a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate?


I admire this lady and her tenacity to do what is right in spite of spitting "americans"! Obama will surely "change" this country! He will make it worse than we can imagine by running his own agenda without regards to the safety or stability of the american people. I am hopeful McCain will prevail on Tuesday to preserve our liberties and our country. If you are still voting for Obama visit www.puma08.com before you make your final decision. Be sure to have the fact before you contribute to the demise of our free country!


a petition to sign in support of the constitution:


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