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No room on the Palin plane, Greer charters his own

Determined not to be left out of the party, RPOF Chairman Jim Greer flew a chartered plane to Sarah Palin's events in Clearwater and Southwest Florida today.

The McCain campaign had told him there wasn't room in the small plane last week after Greer made what the campaign is regarding as disloyal comments to the New York Times last week, questioning Palin's readiness to be VP. There was room on the plane, however, for Sen. Mel Martinez and Gov. Charlie Crist.

Greer told the NYT that: “I think the Katie Couric interview shows that she needs to be briefed more on certain aspects. She continues to be viewed very positively by the base of the party, but she needs to demonstrate that she’s got the knowledge and ability to be president should the need arise.”

Flash forward to a hockey arena in Estero, Florida, near Naples, where Greer just finished speaking to the crowd gathered to see Palin and he's now singing the praises of the Alaska governor. He called her "dynamic'' and said she understands what working Americans are going through "She makes more decisions in one day than Sens Obama and Biden make in a whole year."

RPOF spokesman Erin VanSickle doesn't want us making too much of this. "Lots of folks understandably want to travel with Governor Palin, and Chairman Greer is participating in her Florida events as part of the pre-program,'' VanSickle responded to an email. "What is important is that the Chairman will be on hand to welcome Governor Palin along with thousands of Floridians, who will learn about her record of leadership and Barack Obama's questionable associations with people like Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist.''

Of course, those talking points aren't new and all this Greer v. McCain tiff is -- at least for this election cycle. Then again, party unrest and infighting is a recurring theme for the party hurting at the polls. Stay tuned...


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M Rumberger

Greer is an idiot.
I thought he owned his plane that he was milking RPOF for?


You are correct, Greer does have a plane that he and his wife inform people that the RPOF pays for. Isn't it nice to hear where if you donate your funds go to. If that surprises you then you would be amazed at what the Greer family enjoys at the expense of the RPOF.

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