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Obama camp: We're winning vote war in FL, pushing in AZ, GA, ND

Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe just wrapped up a conference call with reporters where he boasted that Democrats have cast 200,000 more early-vote and absentee ballots than Republicans in Florida. Meantime, the campaign is picking up its advertising in Georgia (owing to the early-vote numbers) and even Arizona, where he said Hispanic support is heavy.

"It's Senator Mccain's home state. We're congnizant of that," Plouffe said.

Plouffe said a quarter of so-called "sporadic" Democratic voters (aka: unreliable voters) have cast early Florida ballots, in proportion with other Dems. He said polling suggests more of the independent voters (who have cast 483k ballots) will side with Obama. African-American turnout is huge, and he projects Obama will narrowly win Hispanics who have turned to early vote in slightly higher numbers than in 2004.