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On Early Vote-eve, Rs winning absentee ballot wars

So Dems have a 650k voter-registration edge, eh? Kinda shocking, then, that if the election were called today based on absentee ballots, Republicans would win in a landlslide. But the election isn't today, and early voting often favors Dems. (Remember: Bush beat Kerry by 380,978 when Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 368,757. Remember: Obama ain't Kerry).

Here are the absentee ballot numbers, according to RPOF:

Of the 1.77m who have absentee ballots requested

R: 857k, which is 49% of total

D: 629k; 36%

O:281k;  16%

Of the 514k who have voted:

R: 267k; 52%

D: 179k; 35%

O: 68k; 13%

Said RPOF spokes Erin Van Sickle: "The time-tested Republican grassroots machine is running on all cylinders and we are confident that we will get more voters out to the polls. If you look back to the primary in January, more Republicans cast early votes, more Republicans voted absentee, and more Republicans turned out at the polls on Election Day. Traditionally, more Republicans vote before election day than Democrats, period. "With early voting and absentee voting becoming more popular than ever for Florida voters, we will continue to encourage Floridians to vote by mail from the comfort and convenience of their own homes."