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Palin on Israel

Remember the excitement over an Israeli flag spotted in Sarah Palin's office? Well, radio talk show Hugh Hewitt -- in one of Palin's rare interviews -- asked her about the flag and why she supported Israel.

"It is true, and I ran into Shimon Peres recently at a meeting, and he even pointed that out," she said in the interview. "He said I saw a picture of you on the internet, and you had an Israeli flag in your state government office, and I said I sure do. You know, my heart is with you.

"And all of those trials and tribulations throughout history that Israel has gone through, not only does that allow me to want to support that country, but Israel is our strongest and most important ally in the Middle East," she said. "And they are a democratic country who I believe deserves our support, and I know that John McCain believes as I do that Israel is our friend, and we need to be there to support them. They are there for us, and I do love that country."


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What a dork!!! I shudder to think of that possibly being our president...
but then again, if GWB could pull it off, who knows.


The truth shall set you free. Honest politicians are a rarity nowadays. The U.S.A. does not have a stonger democratic allay in the Middle East than Israel. Gov. Palin has been a strong supporter way before getting into the elections race. She is genuine honest and consistent.


No matter whether you like or dislike Sarah Palin, one must respect what she has accomplished for her city and for her state and for her voters. Would we all not love to have a CEO who balances the budget, has business pay its share and actually give taxes back to tax payers. She has done all that and that is while raising 5 children. Is she ready to be President, probably not but who is? Reagan was probably our best and who expected it from just a movie actor who became governor of greater tinsel town. Sarah could surprise.

Gayle    S.Florida

It's terribly sad that over 300 Democratic operatives and media had to travel to Alaska after Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's VP candidate in order to tear her apart. Not being able to dig up any dirt, they have turned to maligning her ability. As Governor, her job isn't to know about foreign policy..... She has executive experience that the Dems are trying to ignore as unimportant........ She's refreshing. BTW, Harry Truman didn't know about the atom bomb when he became PRESIDENT unpon the death of Roosevelt


One thing is for sure....Sarah has more experience than BO and Joe Biden no matter what happens tonight in the debate.

White people better wake up, because white people are going to be the next slaves of America if BO gets elected. Wake up! BO and his wife hate America....it doesn't take a mental giant to figure it out!

sally d. new york

I have heard the question, "what do we really know about Sarah Palin?" Well, we know a lot more about her than we do about Barack Obama. There are too many dark areas in his past. The people who want Obama for president may just get more "Change" than they bargained for.


You are so right Sally D! They will all be sorry if BO is our next president. The sad thing will be all those, like us, will have to suffer for their stupidity!

Tom G

Obama is far to Sympathetic to Islam to be unbiased to isreal. His interactions With Dr. Khalid Al Mansour, Rashid Khalidi and many others including Mazen Asbahi on his Campaign tells me once in office he would turn his back on Isreal. He surrounds himself with people who have an axe to grind against isreal including Valerie Jarrett (who is in Fact Iranian) and is know as Obama's top advisor. Sorry, don't trust the man!

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