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Poll suggests trouble for Diaz-Balart

A new poll done for Telemundo 51 shows a tight race between Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Raul Martinez, with the GOP incumbent failing to break 50 percent.

The poll shows Diaz-Balart leading Martinez 48 percent to 43 percent, with 9 percent undecided. (The poll was 300 voters; margin of error 5 percentage points)

Diaz-Balart -- first elected to the seat in 1992 -- has a decided advantage among the district's Cuban American voters, where he leads Martinez 61 percent to 30 percent with 9 percent undecided. But the former Hialeah mayor leads Diaz-Balart 53 percent to 37 percent among non Cuban Hispanics and 47 percent to 39 percent among Anglos and blacks.

The poll also shows independent voters breaking for Martinez, 51 percent to 32 percent for Diaz-Balart. Seventeen percent were undecided.


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Hialeah Voter

Lincoln is in serious trouble of losing.

Carlos the bag man

Lincoln is not in trouble. These numbers show that no one knows about his girlfriend at TV Marti or the money he is helping me collect at Miami International.


This should do it!



Lincoln is in serious trouble...below 50%, going negative so early, and now accusations that he's the real slime ball in this race. Hello Congressman Martinez!


This is definitely the "big one" of the 3 Congressional races in Dade County. Raul certainly has had a troubled past, but he was elected several times after voters knew about these troubles, and now Lincoln has gone overboard with his negative attacks, and it will backfire. Lincoln is below 50% and Raul has been on the ballot before, with an incredibly high name ID in the district for a challenger. Raul knows how to win elections and Lincoln hasn't never really been challenged. This will be a very close race, but I think people are ready for change and Lincoln has done nothing except talk about Cuba for the 15 years he's been in Congress. People are looking for help and results and Raul has proven time and time again that he can produce (look at what he did for Hialeah)for his constituents. Raul wins this race in what will be one of the biggest upsets in the country.


Raul Martinez is a felon and a thug!!! Plus, Lincoln always has the best interest of the people of south florida in mind. Vote Lincoln Diaz-Balart 2008!!!!

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