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Race, personnel files not on minds of voters for sheriff

Democrat Scott Israel criticizes Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti for hiring an all-white transition team.

Lamberti criticizes Israel for his internal affairs record.

What's on voters' minds?

Neither topic, according to a very unscientific string of conversations with voters at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale today.

Voters who chose Lamberti say he's effectively led BSO since Ken Jenne stepped down last year.

"He's been doing a good job so why change a thing?'' said J.L. Gibbs, a Democrat.

Many voters like Israel because of his party affiliation.

"I just picked him  because he is a Democrat,'' said voterJoseph Williams.

Israel is getting a boost from being linked to Barack Obama. Several voters at the African-American library arrived to vote holding a flier from Broward4Obama.com that lists Israel's name as a recommended candidate.


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Does everyone know Scott Israels was a Republican until the Governor didn't appoint him to the job of Shariff and then he flipped in a huff?

Heywood Jablome

Shouldn't Amy Shermans columns end with paid political ad on behalf of Scott Israel?

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