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Raul defends the Palmetto punch

Raul Martinez participates in a wide-ranging interview on SportsTalk 790 AM's The Ticket that opens with whether he's ever seen a chicken sacrificed.

Asked about the 1999 incident in which he was videotaped roughing up a protestor, he says he was defending the cops: "When you're a hands-on individual, you got to use your hands," Martinez says, noting the guy he clocked had a criminal record and was "not a spring chicken, nice guy.

"I was not the bad guy, the bad guy was the guys who were taking over the Palmetto," he said.

"Am I colorful? Absolutely," he tells host Dan LeBatard. "But you're going to expect me in Congress to fight for you. Not with my hands..."

Click here to listen and scroll down on the left to the Martinez interview.