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RPOF blasts Dems "Kitchen Sink" lawsuit.

From a Republican Party of Florida press release responding to the Florida Democratic Party's voter-challenge lawsuit:

"Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer released the following statement tonight regarding the Florida Democrats’ baseless lawsuit filed this evening:

This is a bogus lawsuit and an attempt to distract voters from the real issues by throwing in everything but the kitchen sink six days out from Election Day.

The facts are clear and we have already addressed them thoroughly:  the mailer in question is not a Republican Party of Florida mail piece, plain and simple.  It is a Republican National Committee fundraising mailer to which the Republican Party of Florida has absolutely no connection. 

Moreover, the Republican Party of Florida has no intention of challenging any voter on the basis of foreclosure or this mail piece.  As we have said before, the word ‘foreclosure’ is not in our vocabulary.

In regards to the challenges filed in Glades County,  we are in the same boat as everyone else-—we know only what we have read in the newspapers. Simply put, the RPOF did not file these challenges.

This illegitimate lawsuit is not grounded in reality and it is meant to cause chaos and cast doubt on the integrity of our elections. While it is extremely unfortunate that the Democrats would seek to divert voters’ attention from the issues that really matter this election cycle, it is hardly surprising.”


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captain cucamonga

I can’t believe American citizens will not use their heads to put two and two together. Where is Barrack Obama getting all of this money for advertisements. Don’t be afraid people, the wall street melt down is a magic trick to put us in fear to vote for Barrack Obama. Wall Street is greasing Bill Clinton’s palm also for his money shot Endorsement of B.O.. The wall street meltdown happened in a timely manner before the election. Wall Street has robbed American citizens purposely to sway an election. B.O. is a gentle lamb in wolves clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

captain cucamonga

That 5 million dollars for Barrack Obama’s 30 minute commercial is corrupt money from companies on wall street that have purposely ruined American citizens lives by creating financial turmoil. This is all by design to sway votes toward Obama. Wake up people, the wall street meltdown just so happened right before this election? Regardless our votes don’t count. The U.S. election is as corrupt as many third world countries.


The Democrats must know they're losing in early voing if they have already started filing lawsuits.


Captain Cucamonga, thanks for that insightful take on the near worldwide collapse of our economic system. In your dementia you somehow manage to attribute it to one lonely, but amazingly powerful person, Senator Obama. What a frightening world you live in. How did you manage to forget 8 years of hands-off policies in our economic sector directed by Bush and the Republican party.

Given your paranoid perspective, how do you figure the 'wall streeters' chose to put Obama in place? Why would they abandon the party that gave them everything they wanted, for 8 years, and then bailed them out but only after sweetening the bailout pot for truckloads of earmarks?

I've lost a big chunk of my retirement to Bush's mismanagement as President. Frankly your misdirected analysis in blaming Obama for Bush's mess disgusts me. Get back on your meds and open your eyes.

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