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RPOF tells Dems to chill on the lawyers

Republican Party of Florida chief Jim Greer is asking Florida Democratic Party chief Karen Thurman to make sure the estimated 5,000 Democratic lawyers who could man the polls Election Day don't "interfere" with voters.

Thurman hasn't responded and her chief lawyer, Charles Lichtman said he doesn't understand what Greer wants and disagreed with Greer's statement below about Democrats "harassing" Republicans. Lichtman said "there was not one complaint about the 3,200 lawyers we had on the ground in 2004."

Here's Greer's letter:

"As the election approaches, I want to personally request the opportunity to work with you to ensure that Florida’s voters are given the opportunity to cast their ballots free of any harassment or intimidation and to make sure that every legal, legitimate vote counts.

As you may recall, in 2004 a circuit judge in Seminole County entered an injunction against the Florida Democrat [sic] Party and the Democrat [sic] National Committee enjoining them from harassing Republican poll watchers.  This order was prompted by threatening letters and phone calls to Florida residents who had registered to serve as poll watchers on Election Day.  This injunction is still in effect. 

I have recently read reports that Florida Democrat lawyers intend to serve as poll watchers in order to “assist” voters at the polls during the general election.  I am concerned about these reports, given Florida law regarding poll watcher conduct.  In particular, it should be noted that Florida law regarding poll watchers strictly prohibits poll watchers from “interact[ing] with voters.”  Fl. Stat. § 101.131.  Thus, it would be inappropriate for your poll watchers to provide “assistance” to voters at the polls.

As Circuit Judge Nancy F. Alley warned in 2004, “The election process should be allowed to proceed without any interference, intimidation, or other threats that may have a chilling effect on the free exercise of voters to cast their legal ballots.”

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, either privately or publically, to discuss ways that we can help ensure that Florida’s Supervisors of Elections and their staffs uphold Florida’s election laws to protect Florida voters.

Warmest Regards,

Jim Greer"


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Greer, I am not a Lawyer, however, I was a poll watcher in 2002, and a precient captian in 2004. The Attorney's are NOT poll watchers. They are Civil Rights Lawyers... who are at the polls to take down complaints made by voters who were either intimidated by a Police Check Point or a Presence... and/or about being denied their right to vote. They offer assistance, such as informing the voter of their right to cast a "Provisional Ballot", and to take down and report any and all circumstances of attempts by Poll workers, Poll Watchers or Law Enforcement to intimidate them, so they don't vote.

This is America, Mr. Greer... Do you have a problem with the Democratic Party wanting every and all legal voters to turn out in record numbers and exercise their right to vote?


Oh, and one more piece of information for Mr. Greer. The Civil Rights Atty's, do not enter the polls... they stay outside, which is totally legal. They do not support nor wear any indorsement of a candidate or party. They are there for the protection of the voters.

Your letter in and of itself say's volumns about your intent to NOT want every legal voters rights watched out for and protected.

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