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Sheriff candidate: I pray for my opponent

Democratic sheriff candidate Scott Israel told a group of black pastors this afternoon at Word of the Living God in Pompano Beach that he is praying for his opponent Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti.

"I pray that he does the right thing and unhardens his heart,'' Israel explained in an interview.

Israel is ticked off about ads attacking him for his internal affairs record. He was the subject of 10 investigations while a Fort Lauderdale police officer in the 1980s. He was cleared of wrongdoing, but Lamberti has highlighted the fact that many of the files are missing. It wasn't unusual for departments to toss unsustained complaints at the time.

Israel met with a group of black pastors Friday afternoon to expand his outreach to black voters. A poll released earlier this week showed that Lamberti is ahead by 10 percentage points but Israel is far ahead among black voters. The poll was conducted by pollster Jim Kane for browardbeat.com, a political blog.

Israel was non-plussed about the poll in part because he said it didn't reach people who only have cell phones.

"African-American voters are going to come out like never before,'' Israel said.

Pastor Allen Jackson of Living Word Community Church in Lauderhill urged fellow black pastors to spread the word about Israel at church Sunday.

"The last thing you say before you do that closing prayer is 'vote for Scott Israel for sheriff,''' he said. "Word of mouth travels further than a TV ad.''


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Heywood Jamblome

Scott Israel has promised Amy Sherman the Public Information Job. Pray he loses - or maybe not - then the Herald can hire a true unbiased reporter.

Heywood Jamblome

Maybe we should pray that the missing files would be found and the people can know about the shoplifting, the shooting at african americans, the serving on the Republican Executive Committee, and now we learn that he personally called the State Republican Chairman to get support for appointment. Why would anyone support this clown? Why won't Amy write the truth? Is it the job offer? Will someone at the Herald have integrity and report the facts?

Heywood Jablome

When is someone going to expose the fact that Scott Israel lies about being Jewish????

oh florida

Is the article serious??


PA-LEASE ! Israel is one of the biggest "THUGS" ever. Now he wants to make a plea to the black voters to forgive and forget? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Lamberti is the ONLY Sheriff I have EVER known to walk the streets and talk with people unlike Mr. Raider Scott Israel. I cant belive ANYONE would even give Israel the time of day. The orignal THUG of THUGS.

This year is about CHANGE

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