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Thurman to Greer: Welcome to the vote-protection club

Florida Democratic Party chair Karen Thurman sent this response to Republican Party Chair Jim Greer's request re: election-day lawyers.

"I am happy to see that the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) is finally joining the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) in our long standing efforts to ensure Florida’s voters are given the opportunity to cast their ballots free of any harassment or intimidation and to make sure that every legal, legitimate vote counts. I welcome the opportunity to work with you on this.

Since the 2000 election, the FDP has run statewide election protection programs to ensure that Florida’s elections are fair elections. In fact, our election protection operation in 2004 was credited with saving over 50,000 votes. Hopefully, working together we can have even greater successes this year.

As you know there will be more than a million of people, who have never voted in Florida, participating in this election. Between the 2006 General Election and September 1, 2008, Florida has gained more than 1.3 million new voters, and we expect huge gains between now and when registration ends next week.  Since more than 540,000 of the new voters are Democrats and nearly 350,000 are Republicans, we should begin our efforts by educating these voters on Florida’s election procedures.

For the past several weeks Democratic senior citizens across Florida have been receiving letters from John McCain and the Republican National Committee. As newspapers across Florida have reported, this effort looks very similar to the 2004 efforts by the RPOF, RNC, and Bush-Cheney Campaign to cage voters as your party prepared to challenge their right to vote on Election Day. In other states we see Republicans going after folks who have lost their homes from this economic crisis. We hope that your party is not planning such actions, but as we educate our poll watchers and election protection teams, we should both include information about how under Florida law it is a crime to frivolously challenge voters (Fla. Stat. 101.111(2)).

I look forward to working with you to protect Florida’s voters. Hopefully, our bi-partisan efforts can last beyond Election Day to work with our legislative delegations on ways to make it easier for Floridians to legally register to vote and cast their ballots.


Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman

Chair, Florida Democratic Party"


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cordelia howard

Oprah or anyone who has a talk show has that right to have anyone they want to on their show. Why don't they target Ellen show, or the view show. There are more important issues to concentrate on. She is far and she should stick to her guns.


You tell him, Karen.

The People of FL and the United States, are ready for a change. We are fighting mad about what has happened to our country... and, Baby We Are Taking It Back!

The voters, need to know how to report any and all acts of Voter Intimidation to any of the following. The DNC, RNC, Obama or McCain Campaings or to any Attorneys (who will be identifiable by their T-shirts) outside the Polling Precients. The Herald and all State media should advertise the facts to the voters of our state.

People need to know that if they are legally registered to vote... no one can stop you. They need to know they should ask for and Demand if necessary a "Provisional Ballot" and to alert the party or one of the attys. They cast a provisional vote.

Our Country Is Worth It!

Wake up and spit out the coolaid

This economic slump is a magic trick to sway voter opinion.

Wake up and spit out the coolaid

This economic slump is a magic trick to sway voter opinion.

Wake up and spit out the coolaid

This economic slump is a magic trick to sway voter opinion.

Wake up and spit out the coolaid

This economic slump is a magic trick to sway voter opinion.

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