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Trick or treat! It's President Obama

Scarry_halloween_barack_obamaWatch out kids! Mixed in with those Kit Kats and Tootsie Rolls may be some Republican propaganda.

Florida Women for McCain is distributing the postcards and encouraging supporters to drop them in Halloween candy bags for the grownups at home.

"This is a fun way to show your support for John McCain and Sarah Palin while letting your neighbors know what a scary possibility Barack Obama would be,'' said Sharon Day, chairwoman of Women for McCain.


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A high-ranking campaign adviser in the Obama campaign called Obama a ni__er!


That's cute! It would be nice if people could remember this campaign for something positive like this.


So ridiculous... do all these "Women for McCain" make more than $250.000 a year? If they don't they're only hurting their own pocketbook by voting and lying for McCain.

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