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Where was Lincoln?

The Latin Builders Association invited Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart and his Democratic challenger, Raul Martinez to its monthly luncheon Friday, but Diaz-Balart was a no-show.

Martinez, nevertheless, managed to keep lunch lively. Introduced by Cuban American National Foundation chairman Jorge Mas Santos as a politician who "isn't going to stand for the status quo," the former Hialeah mayor promised to bring a fighting spirit to Washington DC.

"Am I very colorful? Absolutely," Martinez said. "Am I fighter? Absolutely. Have I made mistakes? Of course I have. But when you look at what I did in 24 years in the city...

"Had I not been bold about being mayor," he said, "Hialeah would still be a cow pasture."

Martinez and his campaign criticized Diaz-Balart for not showing up at the event, noting one of the two seats on stage went empty.

"I got into this race in January, wanting to debate, talk about the issues," Martinez said. "But that hasn't happened."

LBA president Ovi Vento said the Republican incumbent's campaign "never responded to our invitation. We would have loved to have had a debate."

Diaz-Balart's campaign said the event "was not his schedule."


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I guess that's just the latest in a long line of things that weren't "on Lincoln Diaz-Balarts' schedule," like; Providing education funding for our Brave Armed Servicemen and women, improving education for our children, or protecting the health of his constituents...

On the other hand, he certainly finds time to make a lot of sleazy ads, doesn't he?



Good job smearing our LBA name by inviting the two most left wing people on Cuba, Mas Santos and Martinez.


Good job smearing our LBA name by inviting the two most left wing people on Cuba, Mas Santos and Martinez.


This is the same duo - Lincoln and his slimy brother, Mario - that ran from debates as long as they possibly could. Sorry, boys! You can only hide from your constituents for so long. Eventually it's gonna catch up with you and it certainly has at this point!



I have seen all the debates and Mr. Martinez sounds uneducated and Mr. Diaz-Balart has won all of the debates.

How many defeats do you guys want? you will get beat and that is the beauty of democracy, learn how to loose and tell the Comandante that both Obama and Martinez will loose, there goes your chances at lifting the Embargo.


Mr. Diaz-Balart was talking with me about six in the evening outside the Kendall Library, where I was in line to vote. We talked quite a bit about Mr. Martinez, about getting a house for free and about the various scams in which he indulged. Mr. Martinez can vote well for the rest of his life, but I won't vote for him.

The wheel ad nailed Mr. Martinez fairly and surely.

Verteran's healthcare and education funding, meaningful education for our children, and national healthcare....are national initiatives. Our congresspersons are part of these initiatives.


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