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21-year old college student to replace Bovo's former Hialeah seat

On the very day that recently elected State Rep. Esteban "Steve" Bovo headed to Tallahassee to be sworn in, his former colleagues on the Hialeah City Council were faced with picking his replacement.

Robaina_cueForegoing a field of interested political heavyweights, the council opted to appoint a political novice who some quipped just turned the legal drinking age -- 21-year old St. Thomas University student Katherine Cue. Cue served as Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina's educational liaison and her mother serves as the city's communications director. The former "Little Miss Hialeah" pageant winner is familiar with being in the city's spotlight, often singing at city events.

"I was a little reluctant to let go of someone who has served so well as my educational liaison, but its good for the city,'' Robaina said at Tuesday's meeting. "I'm losing someone who I've seen grow and helped mold.''

Cue's appointment isn't official until a second vote is taken on Nov. 25th, but this wouldn't be the first time a twenty-something gets a chance to make decisions in the county's second largest city --  former Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas was elected to the Hialeah council at the age of 25 and former State Rep. Rene Garcia was 23 when first elected to the dais.

Cue knocks down any notions that she's too green for the position: "I've been involved in this city since I was very young, since the age of seven when I won the Little Miss Hialeah contest," she said. "I've grown up in this city and I know what the needs are."

She said she also plans on running for the seat when it opens up in 2009.


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Does't Bovo mean dummy in cuban? Why would someone elect a dummy?


Hialeah, the amazing city of progress? Please. It is the amazing city of the puppet king: Julio Robaina leads a merry band of yes people and they get $40,000 salary in return. What an absurd excuse for representative government. How are the thinking people of Hialeah represented on this city council? I sure wish the mayor had done better on this pick.


When I heard the news I wanted to scream.
I am a former Hialeah employee and if you know this girl you must feel the same way I do.
She has no idea what she is doing and I tell you it will be a failure.

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