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Are blacks to blame for Amendment 2?

Exit polls show black voters supported Florida's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage by the greatest margin -- 71 to 29 percent -- when compared to whites and Hispanics.

But an analysis of the election results done for Equality Florida, a gay rights group, suggests black voters were less supportive of Amendment 2.

When pro-amendment votes in Florida's 21 largest counties were plotted against the percentage of blacks in each precinct, the trendline showed an insignificant increase in precincts with more black voters. And a run of the top 100 large precincts voting for the amendment found only 15 percent were predominantly black.

Read more about why Amendment 2 passed and its potential repercussions here.


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You can thank FDR Crist for letting felons vote and extending early voting hours.

Solomon in Miami

Are blacks to "Blame?"

Two things: You are bordering on racist commentary and I am offended and secondly, if the numbers are correct I would say the CREDIT goes to them for doing what is right.

I am contacting your editor.



I'm going to assume because you work for the main newspaper in the most densely part of the state, you don't get it. Taking the 21 largest counties means nothing.

The other 46, less populated, counties have a higher percentage of black population and they are more conservative. Look to the Big Bend area and the panhandle where black population in some counties is higher than white, not to mention hispanics and others. That's where the difference is. Your assumption that only the largest counties matter, is severely flawed.

Sherman Dorn

Yikes. This entry shows signs of seriously flawed ecological reasoning. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_fallacy for an explanation.)

Long live Alex P. Keaton

I agree with Solomon- Very inflammatory headline. I guess we know which way you voted. I am happy to give credit to anyone that voted in support of Defining Marriage as between an man and a woman. Floridians voted their pocketbooks for the presidential election. But they voted their conservative values on all the amendments.


Of course Blacks aren't to blame for Amendment 2.
The people who put this on the ballot are white-led far right groups who believe democracy should be replaced by a theocracy as long as it is their faith that dominates.
The exit polls show the strongest support coming from white evangelical christians- 83% and from McCain supporters 81%. The fixation on the Black vote reflects our fear of confronting religious bigots. Wait til you see who they come after next.


Unbelievable. Justin and his editors should consider removing this blog from his list. When you can't even be unbiased in the title of your blog, why should anyone bother reading it.

I don't think it should be "credit" or "blame" for passing. There are hundreds of unbiased ways to write that headline. However, it is clear that the voice of the people doesn't matter to you, just like it doesn't in California.
Here is your motto: "The Constitution written and adopted by the people must somewhere prohibit the people from defining marriage in their primitive manner" "We have to get the courts to tell the people what their Constitution really means"


The voters have spoken. On election day, the people of Florida rejected trickle down economics and supported traditional values. Get over it.

Beth is Racist

Beth is racist and should resign immediately.


Stop whining you pathetic whiners. NOthing was wrong with this headline. Perfectly legit.


I believe Beth, as a "news" blogger should issue an apology to the Black community, the NAACP, and Americans in general for this crude and insensitive headline. She is obviously detached from what real America is. She views "them" as "Blacks" not as regular citizens.


have you ever considered that maybe all of Florida wanted to vote for amendment 2? What is so wrong about democracy?


oh! by the way, the article she quotes, was written by (guess who) HERSELF!!! BY BETH REINHARD....give it up...poor journalism


captain cucamonga

The greatest majority to vote against same sex marriage in California were African American voters. That is their conviction and what they felt was right, along other races such as white Hispanic and many other cultures. Leave it alone.

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