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Attys who sent Elian back headed for White House

Two veterans of the Elian Gonzalez saga are expected to be named to top posts in Democrat Barack Obama's administration, infuriating some Cuban-American Republicans who haven't forgotten the 6-year-old boy seized in Miami and sent back to the communist regime.

The Associated Press is reporting that Obama's top choice for U.S. attorney general is Eric Holder, who served as deputy attorney general during the 2000 raid in Miami. Greg Craig, who represented Gonzlez's father in the custody battle, is expected to be named White House counsel.

Both were advisors to Obama during his presidential campaign, prompting a small contingent of Cuban exiles to protest outside of his speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Miami in June.

President-elect Obama has not made the appointments official, but both the Republican National Committee and some Cuban-American leaders in Miami are already signaling their disapproval.

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Elian was NOT sent back to a communist regime. He was returned to his natural father and family after his mother died. Times change, regimes change, politics change. As an adult, Elian will one day be free to return to the USA, if he so desires.

Solomon in Miami

Yeah, Elian was NOT sent back to a communist regime. He went to Disney World, then to toy land, then to Oz, then visited Willi Wonka at the Chocolate Factory. And if you believe all that garbage you are only half as moronic as Grandma who is obviously senile.

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