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Churches, funeral homes and Obama pride

Along Sistrunk Boulevard in the heart of black Fort Lauderdale, churches and funeral homes are among the few establishments open for business. Sue & Lou's Soul Food is closed. So is Mary's Groceries. Many homes are boarded up.

But like an oasis in a largely impoverished desert, the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center beckons. Inside the grand white building, African Americans are voting for one of their own for president for the first time. The library has been one of the busiest early voting locations in South Flrida.

Tough young men with baggy pants and gold chains. Gray-haired little old ladies using walkers and canes. Single moms in their work uniforms with toddlers in tow.

"I never would have thought I would live to see this day,'' said 70-year-old Idene Burley, who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes. "Now this day has come, and I think, What would my mother and father say about this?' If I could shout Glory Hallelujah!' that would feel good.''

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