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End of Tally turkey season? Or just bull?

Senate President Jeff Atwater and House Speaker Ray Sansom issued a letter 6,000 blog years ago saying legislators can't have hometown spending projects - known to some as "turkeys" (kind a like D.C. pork). If past is prologue, though, some hometown spending will probably slip in when next year's budget is approved this spring.

The two new honchos also sent the tax department a letter to help out corporations with potential tax troubles (interesting timing concerning the Nov. 21 revenue estimating conference). That letter and the unThanksgiving Day letter are below.

Download 2009_cbirs_memo.pdf

Download Echeverri.pdf


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Looks like Anitere Flores is out of a job at FIU. No more pork and she even lost the election for vice-chair of her own delegation. Why keep her on salary if she can't deliver?


Who would hire her? She lost to a Democrat in a Republican controlled Legislature. Pathetic!

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