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How can the GOP attract more minorities?

“It’s not really complicated in my view,” Gov. Charlie Crist told a panel of peers at the Republican Governors Association. “You just are inclusive.

“I’ve appointed African-Americans that also happen to be Democrats to several of our agencies,” he added. “The idea is to lead and try to protect people and show them you care about that. If you show them that you really care by inclusion, it’s hard to have a counter argument that you don’t. It’s rewarding, and you can lead with grace.”


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sean green

Republicans can't be inclusive if they continue to be a party which is ultra-extremist on immigration.


If Crist wants to make the Republicans inclusive, he should openly and publicly take on the xenophobic wing of his party.

Masquerade Masks

each party is both inclusive and exclusive, all that matters is whether you agree with their views and blindly support all of their policies!

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