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Jeb tells GOP not to become 'Democrat-lite'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush gave a wide-ranging interview today to the conservative web site, NewsMax in which he offers his ideas for re-shaping the Republican Party. He warned the party of becoming "Democrat-lite'' and urged GOP faithful to form a "shadow government" to challenge the ideas emerging from the Obama administration.

We can't tell which came first, but Jeb's ideas sound an awful lot like former House Speaker Marco Rubio who told the Herald days after the election that he didn't want his party to become "Democrat lite'' either.

Here's Bush: “We can’t be Democrat-lite. We can’t just ‘get along. We have to actually be proposing solutions to what appear to be intractable problems as it relates to education, health care, infrastructure. Across the board there are ways that we can show that we are truly on the side of the people that are concerned about the future of the country, without abandoning our principles.”

Bush The party should establish a loyal opposition and “organize ourselves in the form of a shadow government.” The “shadow government” would address key issues, providing the public with “a loftier debate about policy” rather than mere partisanship.