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Jeb tells GOP not to become 'Democrat-lite'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush gave a wide-ranging interview today to the conservative web site, NewsMax in which he offers his ideas for re-shaping the Republican Party. He warned the party of becoming "Democrat-lite'' and urged GOP faithful to form a "shadow government" to challenge the ideas emerging from the Obama administration.

We can't tell which came first, but Jeb's ideas sound an awful lot like former House Speaker Marco Rubio who told the Herald days after the election that he didn't want his party to become "Democrat lite'' either.

Here's Bush: “We can’t be Democrat-lite. We can’t just ‘get along. We have to actually be proposing solutions to what appear to be intractable problems as it relates to education, health care, infrastructure. Across the board there are ways that we can show that we are truly on the side of the people that are concerned about the future of the country, without abandoning our principles.”

Bush The party should establish a loyal opposition and “organize ourselves in the form of a shadow government.” The “shadow government” would address key issues, providing the public with “a loftier debate about policy” rather than mere partisanship.


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GOP Wars: Rivera vs. Curbelo

Read the whole story at: http://versaillesbeat.blogspot.com


Jeb is right on and also the best Governor Florida ever had. He left Florida in great shape and his replacement Crist is a wimp. He let felons vote and extended early voting hours just to list a few things that this wimp has done. Crist says he is the peoples governor but the real question is what people?



How exactly was extending early voting hours a wimpy thing to do?

Cynical Idealist

Hey, Jim..."What people" do you mean? Are you talking about white republicans? If that's who you think Charlie is supposed to represent, then you forget he is the Governor of Florida...ALL of Florida, not just the white cracker republican Florida that you live in...moron.


I wish Jeb had given the same advice to his brother--and that his brother had listened. W has done more than anyone else has to dismantle conservatism in the Republican party. Now we have to clean up the mess and rebuild.

Disgusted Republican

We miss your leadership sir.


Please select me as Chairman of the local REC - I promise to open every meeting with my best impersonation of Mr. Bean!

- David


Check this out from Politics1.com blog!

RNC CHAIRMANSHIP. More problems for Florida GOP Chair Jim Greer's likely campaign for RNC Chair. A letter of support for Greer from Governor Charlie Crist has not quelled growing questions about RPOF spending first reported here on Politics1. Greer has blamed many of the questionable expenditures charged to the RPOF American Express card on the outgoing Florida House and Senate leadership. Former Senate President Ken Pruitt and former House Speaker Marco Rubio both had been issued RPOF credit cards. Meanwhile, Republican activists are raising questions about other alleged expenditures including a $10,000 registration fee Greer paid to attend a conference on climate change; $46,000 for a posh London hotel, 5-star restaurants, limousines and department stores during Crist's summer trade mission to the UK; and over $3,600 to a premium cigar store for cigars purportedly delivered to Greer's home. Large RPOF donors are also concerned about a hotel bill at the posh Breakers in Palm Beach during a birthday celebration for Crist earlier this year when Greer stayed in a $2,000-a-night suite and charged an additional $2,000 to the room for food and alcohol. The big ticket expense was the nearly $700,000 charged for the use of charter jets. RPOF officials insist all expenditures were legitimate and directly related to party activities. Greer's allies also note the Republicans fared surprisingly well in this year's state legislative races, losing only one seat despite the Obama wave and heavy Democratic spending. Some RPOF executive committee members are demanding a breakdown of flights, destinations and other costs. Greer has promised a "corporate level" audit of RPOF books -- but critics want a forensic audit that will reveal who paid for what and why. A least one party donor is contemplating a lawsuit to force a forensic audit. Greer is a close friend and ally of Crist. Declared candidates for RNC Chair next month include current RNC Chair Mike Duncan, South Carolina GOP Chair Katon Dawson, Michigan GOP Chair Saul Anuzis, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, former Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle, and former Mike Huckabee campaign manager Chip Saltsman. Greer promises to make a decision on the RNC Chair race within the next few weeks.


Carlos Curbelo for Miami-Dade REC Chair


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. The Republican Shadow government does. They invented delusion, deception and denial.


Check the latest story on me - and that's only the beginning! Wait until the Herald runs the story where I'm quoted as "Republicans for Clinton" Chair back in '92! Me and Bubba! Those were the days!


- David


Shadow government? Well live in the shadow,thats where republican policies and campaign tactics put them.With records set on blocked votes by the pubs one would think the republican media would avoid that issue,nope,blame the dems then call it a do-nothing congress.Sounds like they are gearing up for more of the same,stay the course if you please.Sounds like they are guaranteeing,,,,more of the same ole same ole.Sling a little hate,chat up some fear smear,most people see through the propaganda hence the dwindling numbers of pubs'

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