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Manny: The rumors are just that, rumors

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz says the talk about his prospects for a job in an Obama adminstration are just "rumors and speculation.

"I have not received any formal communications from President-Elect Barack Obama's team regarding a position in his administration," he said in a statement to the Miami Herald. "The rumors are just that, rumors and speculation.

"I remain focused on being Mayor of the City of Miami and completing the projects I started seven years ago. My main concerns are taking care of the needs of Miami's residents and continue to build a city we are all proud of."

Diaz has been mentioned as a potential HUD secretary. Some Hispanic groups have expressed angst that no Hispanics have yet been named to power positions.


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Solomon in Miami

Why would Diaz get a call from Obama? Was he part of the Clinton administration? I don't think so. Obama has already rehired 32 former Clinton administration cronies.

Change? That was only a political catch-phrase to fool the idiots.

Carlos in Miami

Solomon in Miami, you can't please people like you. If Obama began to tap complete neophytes, you'd be complaining about that.

Diaz wasn't part of the Clinton administration; they didn't get along, in fact. He would get a call because he's the mayor of a major city who is a leader among urban mayors and has brought positive change to Miami. And he's Hispanic.

Isn't it amazing that those who voted for change are automatically fools and dupes? Did anyone ever teach you about respect for others' views, whether you agree or not?

You lost. The American people put your ideas on the shelf. Accept it. Learn from it.


Ugghhh, the mayor's blog says that the condo market is still strong.

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