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On election eve, another anti-Obama call -- from Hillary

Our friends at the McClatchy Washington bureau report that the Republican Party on Sunday launched robocalls to millions of voters in battleground states -- including Florida -- playing audio of Hillary Clinton in the primary election portraying her then-opponent Barack Obama as too inexperienced to run against John McCain.

The robocall by the Republican National Committee, approved by the McCain campaign, plays audio of Clinton minimizing Obama's experience and the significance of a 2002 speech he gave opposing the invasion of Iraq. Since the summer, however, she has campaigned on behalf of Obama across the country.

"In the White House, there is no time for speeches and on-the-job training,'' Clinton said then. ``Sen. McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, and Sen. Obama will bring a speech that he gave in 2002.''

Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand issued a statement in response to the robocall:``Senator Hillary Clinton does not approve this message, and as she crisscrosses the country, she has said time and again that the choice in this election could not be more clear. The McCain/Palin ticket offers only more of the same failed policies while the Obama/Biden ticket offers the vision, leadership and positive solutions we need. I wonder why the Republicans aren't using those words?''