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Palin: Republican governors can lead on energy, other issues

In her brief press conference Thursday morning, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin touted the work Republican governors can do to move the GOP forward.

"We don’t let obsessive, extreme partisanship get in the way of doing what's right," the former vice-presidential nominee said. "We have to balance our budgets -- it doesn’t matter who controls our legislatures."

She will focus on energy policy to propose ways to make Alaska and the country energy independent, she said.

"This group is going to be looked to, is going to be looked at, for leadership that perhaps has been lacking (in Washington)," she said. "Only we by working together can bring back the change that has been so desired by the American public."

Governors will have to focus on health care and immigration reform she said, as well as energy: "We want to reach out to the new administration and offer our assistance, our support offer solutions that I think will be sought."