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Palin returns to Miami, talking about "looking toward the future"

The politician a number of Republicans would like to see lead their ticket in 2012 returns to battleground Florida this week.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- the No. 1 choice of GOP'ers in a recent poll -- will appear at the Republican Governors' Association meeting in Miami where she'll participate in a press conference and make remarks on Thursday -- in a session billed as "Looking Toward the Future." Hmmmm.

Also in attendance, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.


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The GOP is really desperate!! She lost the election for John McCain. Well, actually, they both caused their own demise. Just because she is good looking and a media attraction is she even being considered. Can we just get through this year before fast forwarding to 2012!!


Reply to truebluefemdem: The Republicans only lost the election because Obama brought the election! McCain and Palin did not have a chance because they did not take private donations.

in the know

Siscal: You are wrong. They lost because McCain picked Palin. period.


McCain lost only because the market collapsed. Bad economy=good for the Dems.

Sarah Palin energizes the GOP and women across the board.


Too many people are confused with the differences of voting for contestants on American Idol and voting for the POTUS. How else would you explain the surge vote after the unknown Sarah Palin appeared once at the republican convention? Wouldn't you hope that voters would like to explore her background a little bit, before deciding one way or the other? John McCain wanted a cheerleader and that is what he got!


Please,do not blame Sarah.She was the One who brought millious people to watch election not just in USA.

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