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The ghosts of 2000

John Kerry is using the prospect of Florida 2000 to raise money for Al Franken's squeaky close election fight in Minnesota.

"Picture this," says an e-mail from Kerry. "A razor close election, and the Republican holds a tiny lead after the first count of millions of ballots. And, once again, he goes to court - repeatedly - to try to
shut down the recount.

"Not Bush v. Gore in Florida - this is Franken vs. Coleman in Minnesota..."

He asks contributors to "make sure Al Franken has the resources he needs to continue to keep up the fight to make sure each and every valid vote is counted."


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HannityAndPOWERS dot COM !

Minnesotans do NOT want non-Minnesotans' big money coming in trying to steal elections from us. They (Hollywood, George Soros, MoveOn, etc) already tried it this November against our Michele Bachmann in Minnesota -- and Bachmann still prevailed against all those fraudulent non-Minnesota folks.

I believe Senator Norm Coleman will also prevail against that foul-mouthed, tax-evading cartoon character, Al Franken-fraud.

Meanwhile, HERE's a decent election you can all participate in, and it favors a liberal voice that can even sometimes win the hearts and minds of some conservatives . . .

Support Kirsten POWERS to replace Alan Colmes
on the FOX News Channel.

Let 'em know you want Kirsten Powers . . .
that's right,

Hannity and POWERS !

for more info-


Also, you can VOTE for Kirsten, and see how's she is winning in the poll.


Hannity and POWERS !

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