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Crist orders FDLE to identify bodies in unmarked graves at boys school

Gov. Charlie Crist today asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the unmarked graves at the Florida School for Boys, now known as the Dozier school, and identify the remains and determine whether any crimes were committed. He said he also wants to identify, if possible any perperators of the crimes.

Crist noted that the four former residents of the school, known as the White House Boys Survivors Organization, alerted him to the situation, as chronicled in Monday's Herald.

"The review should include an investigation into the location of the graves and what entity owned that property at the time the graves were place,'' he wrote in the letter to FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey.

He has also asked the Department of Juvenile Justice to offer any assistance needed to help them investigate.

"Please review all available resources and make every reasonable effort to determine the identities of these remains,'' Crist wrote. "During the course of the investigation, please determine whether any crimes were committed and, is possible, the perpetrators of these crimes.''

Michael O'McCarthy, project director for the White House boys, was pleased with the governor's quick response.

"We are deeply appreciative to the governor for his prompt action on this very serious matter in looking at the horrific things that occurred at the Florida School for Boys,'' McCarthy said. He said he is meeting with Crist's staff today and will also raise other concerns, such as their hope that the investigation look into incidents of aggravated rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping of the bosy. "We hope they throw the net of their investigation into all our allegations."


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John Bonner

Having had some of the same abuse and beatings as many others at marianna boy's school,I am most pleased to learn Gov. Crist gave orders to fully investigate the tragedies and death at the hell-hole school. I just hope all the facts be reported accurately and timely without prejudice.I pray and trust,that families will finally learn the truth of what happened to their love ones! And may the rest of the world learn about the animals who kept charge over their kids.These same kids who has been taking advantage of,some was raped,beat,rob,enslaved and perhaps killed.We won't know the truth until...

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