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Greer courts RNC members

Check out the letter the RPOF chairman Jim Greer wrote to RNC members on the jump. He's sort of coy about running for RNC chair but says he'll have a decision soon.

Dear Fellow RNC Member:

First let me wish you and your family a Happy New Year, and I hope you
are enjoying the holidays and taking some well-deserved rest.

As the election for RNC Chairman approaches, I want to commend each of
you for your service to the Republican Party. I also want to thank those
of you who have called and sent notes of encouragement regarding my
potential candidacy for RNC Chair.

In deciding whether to seek the Chairmanship, I am considering many
factors, including my commitment to the Republican Party of Florida. I
am dedicated to working with the many staff, county leaders, and
volunteers who are working to build upon the many victories we have
accomplished in the Sunshine State. I am also focused on fostering an
open discussion on the future of the Republican Party.

While I continue to consider these factors, I will not make a decision
whether to seek the Chairmanship or support a candidate until we have
all had the chance to listen to the views of the current candidates at
the upcoming Americans for Tax Reform debate and hear their beliefs on
the direction our Party should take.

The Republican Party faces a tremendous opportunity in the coming days.
We cannot let this opportunity slip through our fingers.  To be
successful, we must remain committed to our Party's values and
principles, while focusing on the issues discussed at family dinner
tables across the nation.

Friends, let us remember that every one of the candidates who seek the
RNC Chairmanship are remarkable Republican leaders who have served our
Party with distinction.

I look forward to seeing each of you soon and discussing the future of
our great Party.

Warmest Regards,
Jim Greer


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Is chutzpah the right word?


From: George Fuller
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2009 12:15 PM


Dear Republican National Committee Member:

I've done advance work for Republicans like Governor Ronald Reagan, Vice President George Bush, Senator Jim Buckley, Governor George Pataki and now, Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. At Senator McCain's request, I took a leave from my job to handle advance work for the McCain-Palin Campaign.

I was responsible for advance work and preparations for numerous trips to Florida by Senator McCain and Governor Palin, as well as Senator Lieberman and Senator Fred Thompson. In the thirty years I have been doing political advance work, I have met and dealt with many local politicians who have big ideas about using my candidate's visit to the state to benefit themselves politically-but I have never met a more difficult, ego-maniacal, incompetent and self-aggrandizing person in politics than Florida Republican Chairman, Jim Greer.

The man's childish outbursts, threats, and demands just about wore me out! As Chairman of RPOF, he was quick to pay for limos, charter jets and hotel suites for him and his entourage, but couldn't come up with any more money for McCain-Palin state ticket collateral, including yards signs which the RPOF could pay for under federal law.

When he turned his request in at the last minute and was not seated on Governor Palin's plane when she campaigned across Florida, he screamed he'd "have my job" before hanging up on me on the cell phone. I guess he didn't know that John and Cindy McCain have been friends of mine for 20 years and that my "job" expired on November 5th. Greer also threatened several other McCain staffers that he would have them fired when he was told he wouldn't be boarding Palin's plane.

Greer went out and leased a jet so he could arrive before Palin at every campaign rally and position himself near the podium to get in the TV shot. I understand it cost the Republican Party of Florida $12,000, yet I don't see how it got McCain-Palin any votes.

Then there was the rally in Orlando just before early voting. Senator Fred Thompson was alone on stage speaking for a satellite TV hook up for Republicans across the state. Greer climbed on stage and positioned himself over Thompson's left shoulder. He then started mugging, nodding and leading applause for the TV cameras. Even Greer's own staff was embarrassed by his antics.

I have worked with probably 40 Republican State Chairmen in my political experience. I worked with former RPOF Chairmen Tom Slade and Al Cardenas and found them to be co-operative professionals. I have never seen a Republican State Chair with an entourage like Jim Greer. He has two bodyguards, an advance team, two assistants and a full time driver for a limo. This seems excessive to me.

Like a celebrity, he demands certain brands of items be in his limo and plane at all times. These include: certain brands of light and imported beers, six bags of chocolate peanut M&Ms, four bottles of Zephyrhills water, six Canada Dry ginger ale (must be Canada Dry), four bottles of Perrier, one bottle of Ketel One Vodka, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. This is all to be loaded in to two coolers of a certain size in the back of the limo the Chairman uses when he hits town.

This man's ego is out of control. He actually told me he was the de-facto Lieutenant Governor because he said Lt. Governor Kottkamp was "retarded." He demanded that I do not communicate with Governor Crist or George LeMieux directly- that I must go through him. The hell with that. Both Crist and LeMieux were very helpful to the McCain campaign in Florida.

I decided to write this because I read in the Washington Post that Jim Greer is talking about running for Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Jim Greer has no discernable political skill whatsoever. I respectfully urge Republican National Committee members to carefully research Jim Greer's record, including his incessant spending before considering him as a candidate for anything!
Because I am not interested in threats from Jim Greer's goons, I've decided to sign this......

The Old Advanceman

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