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It isn't Taddeo at SBA, but Hispanic groups hail Obama's Cabinet choices

Annette Taddeo earlier this week was said to be in the running to head up the Small Business Administration, but Karen Mills, a founding partner of the New York-based equity firm Solera Capital, just accepted the job on stage in Chicago.

Rep. Hilda Solis, D-Calif., who campaigned with Taddeo this fall, touting her as a superior alternative to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, was named secretary of labor.

Hispanic leaders, who had pushed for Hispanic representation in Obama's Cabinet, applauded his picks, with John Trasvina, chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, saying they demonstrate that "Latinos will have a key role in governing and shaping needed change in America."

The group, which had "urged the appointment of qualified, experienced and talented Latinos to Cabinet, sub-Cabinet, White House and agency posts," noted that Solis's selection makes Obama's Cabinet "the most diverse in the nation's history" - with 3 Hispanics, 2 African Americans and 2 Asian Americans.


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Miami Dade Dem

Who said Taddeo was in the running?


You now have me worried.You didn't list the Hispanics as Hispanic Americans.Is this because they're not as American as African Americans?Do their loyalties lag behind Asian American loyalties?What about me?My ancestors were from Scotland.Are Scottish Americans represented in the correct percentile?In fact,you never mentioned the rest of the cabinet at all.Are they just bit players to the Deversifieds lead?

Eres Especial

why Taddeo and not Joe Garcia? Oh, I get it... He's Cuban...

This is political gossip... not a serious column or columnist!

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