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Obama ally, Thurman critic off DNC

Allan Katz, a key Barack Obama supporter who butted heads with Florida Democratic Chairwoman Karen Thurman over the state's early primary, declined to seek another term on the Democratic National Committee in today's party elections.

Florida will be represented on the DNC by Sen. Tony Hill, Mitch Ceasar, Chuck Mohlke, Alan Clendenin, Jon Ausman, Diane Glasser, Terrie Brady, Nancy Jacobson, Rep. Joyce Cusack and Evelyn Garcia.

As expected, Thurman won re-election as chairwoman. Party leaders also chose Rhett Bullard as vice chairman, Rick Boylan as secretary and Alma Gonzalez as treasurer.


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Katz may be the Obama choice for party chair when they get around to having Karen resign.

Jon M. Ausman, Member, DNC, Florida

Congratulations to Congresswoman Karen Thurman, Rhett Bullard, Rick Boylan, Alma Gonzalez and the other nine elected Florida DNC Members.

Democrats have seen solid electoral successes around Florida. We have also built up our Party's technological and financial resources for candidates seeking office.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Katz withdrew prior to the election of DNC Members because he had very strong support around Florida. It is my hope he is appointed At-Large to the DNC by the incoming National Chair.

With respect, I am,

Jon M. Ausman, Member
Democratic National Committee

Red Raven

True Blue is living under the delusion that Obama won because he the US's saviour. Let's be honest. This election was a toss up.. Obama narrowly won because people were ticked off with Bush and couldn't get past McCain's age/lack of personality. It's not because there was this ground swell of love, devotion and belief in the political abilities of Obama. And if you think Katz can ride Obama's coat tails to the party chair in Florida, you are simply ignoring reality.

Jeff Donnelly

Thurman should resign.

Jeff Donnelly
Precinct 41, Miami-Dade County


Congratulations to DNC Members from Duval County.
Terrie Brady, Sen. Tony Hill.

Susan S

Karen Thurman just won re-election and she should resign why? Thurman helped the party recover from the devastation of the last administration, and has put us on the road to make gains in 2010. She deserved to win again.

Congratulations to State Committeeman Alan Clendenin from Hillsborough County and State Committeewoman (and DFA Organizer) Nancy Jacobson from Orange.

Susan Smith
Precinct 525, Hillsborough County

Jeff Donnelly


Karen Thurman should resign because she was the most responsible Florida democratic official involved in the botched presidential primary of 2008.

Jeff Donnelly
Pct 41
Miami Beach Florida

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