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Ray Sansom the silent Speaker

House Speaker Ray Sansom treated two reporters like vampires Thursday during a House holiday lunch. The Destin Republican made a mock sign of the cross with his fingers and smiled as reporters tried to get him to answer basic questions about his involvement with developer Jay Odom and his new job at Northwest Florida State College.

Sansom, wearing a name tag that read Mr. S with a Santa Claus hat, refused to comment while waiting in the buffet line on the 4th floor of the Capitol. "Can't you see I'm busy," he said. Sansom has been too busy for the past week to answer questions. We asked anyway. Spokeswoman Jill Chamberlin advised Sansom to say nothing, as to not give an "exclusive."

Q: It appeared you worked to skirt Florida's open meeting law.
A: Sansom smiled.
Q: Why won't you comment on whether you flew on the private jet of Jay Odom.
A: Sansom smiled.
Q: It appears you were involved in the airport issue to benefit Jay Odom.
A: Sansom did not turn around.

At that point, Chamberlin accused a reporter of being "a wise guy."

-- Marc Caputo and Alex Leary


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Ron McAndrew

Mr. Sansom's honesty is no longer an issue as it's obvious that this person has little if any moral being. What a terrible shame to watch our country crumble down around us because of crooks who think they are above the law after being elected to such positions as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. We must find a new job for Mr. Sansom.

Ought to check!

Compare this to former Speaker Bo Johnson's bridge where realtor and friend Bill Pullum came out smelling like a rose with money.. google milton florida bo johnson bridge. Also google how Bo Johnson got his pay also from then OWCC ( Okaloosa Walton Junior College), now called NWFU. I suppose they changed the name so one could not compare as that's how shallow these corrupt people think of YOU.
Might suggest looking into a payoff with a "lot" from one of Jay Odom's marvelous developments. The lots alone are worth $100k in many instances. I do know--I said know.. I do know they are best of friends.partners. How would you determine payoff this way.. You guys think it's just the "hanger".

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