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Regulators adopt clean car standard

Despite intense lobbying by auto makers, car dealers, and agriculture, Florida's Environmental Regulation Commission voted 6 to 1 today to side with the Crist administration and approve a clean car rule that will usher in new auto emissions standards in Florida.

The rule, however, would have to face legislative approval to become law where environmentalists predict it faces a steep climb, unless Crist pulls off a miracle.

Still, the decision by the panel of scientists and enviro experts could be a significant milestone for Crist whose climate change initiatives until now have been stalled on every front.


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First of all man made global warming is rapidly being acknowledged as a myth. Adopting draconian emission standards to address a mythical problem is crazy.

Why don’t we adopt an arbitrary electrical standard and require all new appliances to use only 87 volts and no more. All 50 states can adopt their own electrical standards, emissions standards, weights and measures, etc. That will reduce the consumers’ choice. Air quality standards need to be regulated on a national level.

Crist is out of his mind. This will never get through the legislature. Crist needs to focus on real problems such as inadequate school funding and an inadequate, inequitable property tax base for starters.

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