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Sansom draws ethics complaint

Sansom2A Pinellas County man has filed a state ethics complaint against House Speaker Ray Sansom, asserting he used his position to secure a high-paying job at his local college after steering millions to the school.

David A. Plyer, a Democrat who lives in Clearwater, filed the complaint with the Commission on Ethics this month and notified the Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau Sunday afternoon.

He cites a Florida Statute, Chapter 112.313 (6) that says no public officer shall “corruptly use or attempt to use his or her official position … to secure a special privilege, benefit or exemption for himself, herself or others.”

"The Sansom issue is an outrage," Plyer wrote in an e-mail. "A person applies for the job of legislator. We, the people, hire him and pay him. His job: To protect our rights and serve the best interests of all of us. In return, we expect accountability. If we question a decision, we expect an answer. It appears that Sansom used his current position and public money to land a second job. You don't look for another job on company time with company funds! Ray, what were you thinking? We deserve answers."

Sansom, R-Destin, took the $110,000 a year job at Northwest Florida State College on the same day last month he was sworn in as House speaker. He disputes it was a reward for helping the school secure tens of millions in the past few years and push through legislation that allowed it to offer expanded bachelor’s degrees.

In his complaint, Plyer, 62, cited a Times/Herald story from Nov. 28 that detailed how Sansom added $24.5-million to a college project that had been slated to get $1-million in the current budget. The money is for a student services building that will also house a “leadership institute” that Sansom also secured funding for.

Sansom has defended his moves by saying he is doing what any other lawmaker does in looking after his district. He has stressed that the education construction money comes from a fund that cannot go to other areas of the budget. Sansom could not be immediately reached Sunday night.

Plyer, a retired electrical engineer, is a member of the Pinellas County Juvenile Justice Council. He is a Democrat but said he was spurred by a feeling that elected officials of any stripe should be held to a high standard.

“The more you become aware of this stuff, the more you see it everywhere," he said in an interview. "It’s hard to be something other than cynical of the government. It seemed to be so thumbing the nose at the citizens that I had to say something. It just seems so egregious."


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News seeker

While the Herald sleeps there is real news going on in the Fort Lauderdale Mayor's race. Check it out




The entire ethics complaint will be dismissed. No brainer. Florida law expressly prohibit a person from attaching a newspaper article as the basis for the complaint. That is what was done here. The Ethics Commission will have no choice but to dismiss the complaint.


The entire ethics complaint will be dismissed. Florida law expressly prohibits a person from attaching a newspaper article as the basis for the complaint. That is what was done here. The Ethics Commission will have no choice but to dismiss the complaint.


The state representatives are under different rules than regular politicans. The state ethics commission has no power over them. They rule themselves.


yeah, I think the person complaining would have a better shot filing either the official public records that the St. Pete Times chased down in the form of a complaint, or trying to get a prosecutor to file criminal charges. But it's a stretch either way.

Chris  Cantwell


An educated public is an essential ingredient of a free society. Ambitious governments would have far greater difficulty implementing schemes that undermine liberty and prosperity were they faced with an informed and vigilant population.

When will any of our elected officials talk about the real cause of our economic problems, the privately owned corporation who pays no taxes, the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve holds a monopoly on "the people's" currency and it's policies of manipulating interest rates thereby expanding and contracting the supply of money which directly cause these boom and bust business cycles. This results in massive malinvestment & the elusive "inflation tax". Inflation is in reality, you & I being robbed by the devaluation of our currency's purchasing power by the Federal reserve lowering it's interest rate (currently at 0 to .25%) & thereby increasing the amount of money in circulation. Imagine being robbed without someone physically taking the money from your pocket. Yeah, it's a pretty violating feeling once you learn about it. Welcome to the R3VOLUTION.

You see, the Federal Reserve "lends" our money to our government at interest. Now the first problem I have with this is, if we are an independent, free nation, why would this system be necessary? Well, the bottom line is that it was established to be the "the lender of last resort" & after the past year of Billions in bailouts, which really is just future debt obligations that you & I and A LOT of unborn babies are now obligated with this debt only to be paid back, with interest, through income, payroll, you name it taxes. The American taxpayers and their future generations are now the "lender of last resort".

This is absolutely a scam on such a massive scale.

Central economic planning doesn't work & neither does our government throwing billions of future taxpayer debt into the pockets of these banks and their shareholders. Read about fractional reserve banking. In Aug. 2004, the Federal Reserve, increased the reserve ratios for all the major Wall street investment firms from 10 to 1 to 40 to 1.

We need to fix our monetary policy and reform back to a constitutional, sound money policy that would prevent any "bubbles" from taking shape to begin with. The business cycles and recessions are a consequence of having a privately owned central bank, who isn't required to have any oversight by our elected officials & pays no taxes, artificially manipulating & controlling interest rates and the money supply. Read about it because you'll never see any media coverage about this.

Our government and monetary system do not work for we the people, we the people work for it, as slaves. If you don't pay taxes, they can throw you in jail right?

You’d think by now, with all the information & technology, with all the abundant resources and all the previous history, that we as a people would be able to be free in the sense of, absence of debt. We pay and labor our entire lives realistically to support an quasi-empirical empire who’s only objective is PROFIT & expansion of Big Government.

Our society is being held back by the amount a time required to sustain any kind of decent quality of life. and for what? to be SAFE? to be Happy? No, to continue to fund a corrupt government that serves corporate interests, not the peoples, it serves profit interests.

There is no longer a people's voice in government, only the lobby's have a voice.

How many support the bailouts?

How many agree with the government’s forced social security ponzi scheme?

How many agree that our government isn’t serving it’s peoples interests but only corporate big business interests?

How many agree that we want a privately owned central bank controlling our monetary policy?

How many agree that our economy will improve with more government spending of future debt that my generation and all 3 of my children’s generation will be immorally obligated with?

Deficit spending does not stabilize home values.

We must reject being held hostage by a monopolistic monetary policy!

SOLUTION: Create a competing sound currency not controlled by the Federal Reserve like Kennedy tried to do....

The Poll did not ask me!

Oh you people.. the FL Retirement System final numbers are based on your last five years pay so if the college job is related/involved with the FRS.. you can see the benefit immediately. ALL pay-outs are based on your most recent pay and I'd guess that being a State Rep did not show $110k

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