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ACORN denounces Brown-Waite's "bluster"

ACORN is blasting Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's for blasting ACORN:

“It’s too bad that Ginny Brown-Waite could barely last a week into the Obama presidency to fall in line with the right-wing Republican leadership and start throwing mud at President Obama, ACORN, and sound economic policy."

"ACORN supports President Obama’s effort to create or save 3 to 4 million jobs with a bold, progressive economic recovery package.  The Representative should listen better, because if she did, she would know that economists across the board generally agree that the Obama approach – investing strategically to rebuild our economy – is a better approach than tax cuts for big corporations or the wealthy.  If she paid better attention to working families in her district, Ms. Brown-Waite would learn that there is a foreclosure crisis, that the wages of working families are stagnating, and that people are losing their jobs.  And who in Florida has been warning about predatory lending and foreclosures for ten years?  ACORN. And who fought to raise the minimum wage to address the wage and wealth gap (Our amendment 5 passed in 2004 with the votes of 71% of Floridians, despite opposition from Ms. Brown-Waite and big business.)?  ACORN.  The Tampa Bay area deserves less bluster and more thoughtful consideration of the issues from Ms. Brown-Waite.”


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While economists may believe that "investing strategically to rebuild our economy " is a positive action, The Obama Pork Sandwich passed today did not invest strategically in anything but Obama and Big Government. Billions went to support people not employed; less than 12 % went towards anything that might even be perceived as creating jobs. less Than Twelve Percent! Obama is an empty suit and a liar.

Cynical Idealist


Since the bill hasn't even been printed and isn't available online, have you even read the bill, or are you simply spouting the RNC/RPOF talking points?

How does that Kool-Aid taste?


GBW thinks the constituents in Florida are idiots. Maybe she, too, hasn't heard of the Google. It's this wonderful mechanism on the internets that allows you, the average person, to check on fact vs. fiction.

And remember Ginny, no matter how many times you tell a lie, it's still a lie.



Suze - how about you start here - become an informed, self-educated participant in the nation rather than a puppet. You'll feel much better about yourself, and those around you won't be shaking their heads quite so much.


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