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Broward's Sharon Day wins plum post

Florida’s National Committeewoman Sharon Day was elected Secretary of the Republican National Committee. 

The tributes from Florida party chief Jim Greer: "I have known Sharon to be a dedicated servant of the Republican Party who is committed to the Party’s long held values of less taxing, less spending, less government and more freedom. Additionally, Sharon is dedicated to furthering women’s causes and outreach. She is an example of a strong Republican woman who stands up for her beliefs and leads the way for other Republican girls and young women. I am confident she will be an excellent leader of our party in this expanded capacity.”


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Sharon's win was truly an upset victory. Her campaign on the web undoubtedly put her over the top. Her web campaign ran circles around even some of the candidates for RNC Chairman! Check out her site http://www.SharonDayGOP.com and you will see what I mean. She was the only candidate in any race to be endorsed by the Top Conservatives on Twitter (which I am a member of) and 3 co-founders of RebuildTheParty.com. Her campaign was on message and incredibly effective. As a Republican looking for an RNC that knows how to win elections with technology, I am euphoric over Sharon's win. Congratulations, Sharon Day!!!


Wow Ryan. That is the gayest post ever! Man up son - stop sounding like such a girl


Jax GOP, it is comments like yours that are driving our GOP out of the mainstream. Why don't you show some respect?

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